Starcraft is a video game that marked a generation. Launched by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998, it consecrated its field after the enormous success garnered by the sagas Warcraft and Diablo, released only a few years before. With the launch of the remastered version, the original title and its Broodwars expansion are now available for free.
A real-time futuristic cut strategy game in which three factions, Terran, Zerg and Protoss face each other, throughout each individual campaign you'll participate in three chapters starring the different races through a story that tells the tale of the events that take place. This is a recurring classic at all levels in terms of the RTS genre, so you take control of your units, collect resources from each stage, build new buildings and train more units to take out rival bases.
In addition to story mode, you can also participate in online multiplayer games, but in order to do so you'll have to register on Blizzard's BattleNet platform. In fact, Starcraft remains one of the top eSports in many Asian countries, an unmistakable mark of a legendary game, not only in terms of studio craftsmanship, but also in terms of the history of video games.
By Erika OkumuraThe classic Starcraft is now free

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Blizzard knows what's up. A few days ago it announced that it's developing Starcraft: Remastered, a remake of the original game from 1998 that pumps up the graphics, slated for this summer. To stoke expectations, they've just released nothing less than a new patch for the first game, with the main change being that besides updating the compatibility to suit modern machines, it's now being distributed as a completely free title. You can download it without paying a dime, even if you don't have a BattleNet account.
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This trial version doesn’t includes all missions.

StarCraft 2 is a step up to its predecessor. It manages to introduce various new elements while maintaining the atmosphere of the first installment.

Tactical strategy at its finest

The entire idea of working with so many things at once is what makes this game great.

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StarCraft 2 is an intense real-time strategy game that throws players onto different worlds. You build bases, form a military, and invest in research to best your opponents. Most strategies will be based on what your enemy is doing. Scouting out their movements will help anticipate attacks they might be planning. Sometimes this knowledge will indicate when your opponent is most vulnerable, then you'll know it's time to attack. Managing resources tends to be the main priority. You'll want to make sure you're spending them on the right things, at the right time. Spreading your forces to conquer new areas, and their valuable goods, a little too early might be a mistake. However, if you take too long to do so, you might find yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Take the advantage

Command workers, troops, transportation... everything is carefully put in its place. This might seem complicated, but, this is what makes the game extremely addictive. Most players who get their hands on this title struggle to stop.

There's a certain phrase that all dedicated StarCraft players live by. Every match you lose is your fault. A defeat means that you made one or more mistakes. You learn to accept that these mistakes can be fixed, and you'll be correcting them and improving in no time.

Where can you run this program?


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This game can run on almost any Windows and Apple operating systems. The hardware requirements are very low.

Is there a better alternative?

There are Real Time Strategy games all over the place. Some include Warhammer: Dawn of War, Warcraft 3, and Command & Conquer. But, Blizzard finds a way to dominate the genre with StarCraft.

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If you love managing armies and coming up with strategies to conquer enemies on a battlefield, you're sure to love StarCraft 2.

Should you download it?

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If you're ready for a challenge, as well as great fun, then you should definitely give this game a try. If you're a beginner in the genre, don't be too scared. There are ways to play for casual players.

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