Photoshop:: Download SRGB IEC61966-2.1 Oct 4, 2008. I have a pc using xp. I have overwritten the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile in Photoshop 7. View 4 Replies Similar Messages: Photoshop:: Can't Download Adobe CS6 / Download Beta And Didn't Delete It Properly Mac; Photoshop:: How To Complete Download Process If Computer Quit Mid-download.

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Photoshop :: Can't Download Adobe CS6 / Download Beta And Didn't Delete It Properly Mac

Aug 22, 2012

i bought adobe cloud and i started downloading all the software and deleting old version. I didn't know there was a special way to delete adobe application so i just dragged it into a program called app cleaner and it deleted all the files. But it won't let me put cs6 photoshop on my computer because it still thinks i have cs6 photoshop beta. how can i get photoshop back onto my computer.

Photoshop :: How To Complete Download Process If Computer Quit Mid-download

Sep 29, 2013

My computer quit mid-download of Ps cc. My computer has no record of having downloaded Ps cc. Adobe won't let me download it and complete the process.

Photoshop :: Difference Between RGB And SRGB

Feb 1, 2012

What the difference is between RGB and sRGB? Any website links that explain the whole colours/printing side of things in detail that would be handy as need to touch up on this knowledge.

Photoshop :: Convert Adobe RGB To SRGB

Jun 24, 2004

Have a folder containing 100+ JPEG image files, another folder containing the same files as 16 bit TIFF with layers, and a third folder containing the TIFF files flatened. All are in the Adobe RGB color space. I want to convert these same files to sRGB to use in a slide show. What are the steps to batch process this change? Is it using an action? Should I start with the TIFF folder or use the JPEG folder?

Photoshop :: Converting Images To SRGB For Web

Jul 3, 2008

I'm having a bizarre, when I try to convert any color profile from Adobe RBG to sRBG to ensure better viewing colors on the web. I actually go through the process twice to confirm that I've done it -- I convert the image's color profile to sRBG under the 'Edit' drop-down menu, then I double check to make sure that sRGB is selected when I go through the 'Save for Web' option under the 'File' drop-down menu. The converted images still look muddy when posted online, and it always puzzled me why when I open them up again in PS, it tells me that the image has no Color Profile, and I need to assign it one. I would just ignore the message, thinking it didn't apply because I had already done it twice previously. The other day, I opened up one of my twice-converted sRGB images and when prompted, assigned the profile to sRBG a THIRD time. Finally the image came out perfectly on the web. Now whenever I make that third sRGB conversion on web images, the profile remains permanent. This just makes no sense to me. I should only have to convert the profile once.

Photoshop :: Converting Gray To SRGB

Mar 30, 2008

How does Photoshop CS3 convert from Gray to sRGB in Save for the Web? Every time I use Save for the Web with a Gray scale image, it makes it too dark. While trying to reproduce the results, I found that a Dot Gain of 30% matched its conversion the closest. Does Save for the Web assume a Dot Gain of 30% for the conversion?
This would definitely be a very poor assumption if so. Currently, I have a Dot Gain of 15% in the Color Settings dialog box. As far as I can tell, there's no setting in Photoshop, or Save for the Web for that matter, to set these types of conversions; hence, the reason my Gray scale images are coming out too dark.

Photoshop :: Color Space :: RGB Instead Of SRGB

May 3, 2007

What is the benefit of using Adobe RGB instead of sRGB since photo printer and photo lab only print in sRGB only?

Photoshop :: AdobeRGB To SRGB Conversion Causes Red...

Jul 15, 2008

When working in AdobeRGB I can soft proof to either windowsRGB or MonitorRGB or my printer/paper profile and all looks well.
After I've done a conversion to sRGB, the only soft proof that still looks correct is WindowsRGB. MonitorRGB is especially bad about pumping up the red saturation. If the file was built using sRGB I don't have this problem, only when converting.
Why won't my converted files soft proof on my monitor and why is it that the red saturation is getting increased?

Photoshop :: Web Colors Washed Out Even When Using SRGB

Feb 9, 2009

Anybody know why a web design created in Photoshop in the sRGB workspace would appear washed out when viewed in a web browser? I have designed a new web site in Adobe CS4 Mac using the sRGB (IEC61966-2.1) workspace. When I save the images for the web, the colors look slightly, but consistently, washed out when I view them in my browser.
Even the background color appears washed out (which was reproduced in CSS using the #959fba hex value provided by Photoshop). The best information I could find on this subject via Google was the following article... [Hm, forum says I'm too new of a member to be allowed to post a link, but the article is titled 'Tips for Managing Web Color in Photoshop' at]
...But I'm doing everything they recommend in that article, and yet #959fba still looks deeper and richer in Photoshop CS4 than it does in Firefox 3.0.6.

Photoshop :: CS6 - Diagram Of SRGB Values Outside Of Gamut?

Apr 18, 2013

When I have sRGB selected as my color space in Photoshop (CS6), often I see the out of gamut warning in the color picker. I expected every possible sRGB color value to be within the sRGB color gamut, but apparently I was wrong. I would like to see a horseshoe color space diagram that shows how far the values extend beyond the gamut.
I guess this occurs with all color spaces - you can select color values that are outside of the gamut. I'm not sure what the color space diagrams represent, but I'm guessing they represent the gamut.

Photoshop :: Converting From SRGB To Adobe 1998

Oct 21, 2013

I am an artist doing digital paintings on Photoshop CS3. I drew an outline of my drawing in one shade of blue and realized the color profile was in sRGB.
I have now converted the psd document to color profile Adobe 1998.
When I start to put color in, underneath the blue outline layer -will the colors be of Adobe 1998 quality? (I plan to do gradients/blend colors and eventually print my work out. I have heard the colors can look choppy when done on sRGB mode) .

Photoshop :: How To Get SRGB Images From Save For Web Dialog

Jun 5, 2013

I'm saving JPEG or TIFF images (in Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB) with the 'save for web' and with the 'convert to sRGB' option checked ... then after opening them in Photoshop again, their color spaces turn to 'untagged RGB'. What should I do for getting sRGB images from the 'save for web' dialog?

Photoshop :: SRGB As Default Proof Setup

Nov 19, 2003

I have calibrated my monitor (IIyama VisionMaster Pro 454), scanner (Epson 2450 with Silverfast) and printer (Canon i950) so that I get prints that resemble as good and bad as possible what I scan/ see on the monitor. I normally work in Adobe RGB, but I also do some webwork. Which is why I also preview in sRGB or even Monitor RGB.
I would like to use Proof Setup to view my files default in sRGB, but whatever I do, Photoshop always opens default with CMYK. I tried Custom, choose sRGB and then save, but that does not change Photoshop's CMYK obsession.
I know one can easily change the sizes of the New documents by opening the text file that contains them. So I was wondering whether there was also a method/trick to change this default proof/CMYK setting.

Photoshop :: Converting TIFF From ProPhoto To SRGB And Back

Jul 29, 2013

I have a 16 bit, ProPhoto tif file in .psb format. My question is, if I convert it to sRGB and then back to ProPhoto will I get the original ProPhoto colorspace or will it be lost? BTW, does the same hold true for converting in .dng?

Photoshop :: Why Does CS6 Change Srgb Files To Adobe RGB 1998

Mar 28, 2013

I shoot raw srgb with Canon t3. I make adjustments in Canon's Digital Photo Professional then batch convert to jpg.
under color settings in cs6 I've chosen srgb, however, when I open my jpg picstures CS6 opens them as adobe rgb 1998 instead. I then have to convert them back to srgb.
How can I get CS6 to stop doing this so my pictures remailn srgb. I've tried checking the 'embed profile' box in DPP but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

Photoshop :: C6 Black Artifacts Converting To RGB And SRGB On Dell?

Dec 10, 2012

I recently changed pc and monitor causing a damn problem with those color spaces! My monitor is a Dell u2412m and by default it's setted on:
Now when I open a RAW file with ACR and choose sRGB as color space the result is this:As you can see, most of the photo presents black shadows. If I save the file and I open it with windows image it's perfect. Indeed, if I choose ProPhoto for monitor and for the photo the visualization is fine:
I must change the color space in sRGB or even RGB before save the final image so I really would like to se a real preview of it in photoshop instead of saving it first. So the problem occurs when I save to RGB (less artifacts) and sRGB (lots of artifacts!). I can't understand this because I'm using the same color space as default for my monitor.
The pc configuration is:Intel i7 3770
Ati HD7870 driver Ati 12.11 beta
RAM 16gb

Photoshop :: Calibrating Dell U2711 - Limited To SRGB?

Feb 11, 2013

i´m stuck with calibrating my Dell U2711(wide gamut) on Windows7, CS6 i used it with the integrated Adobe RGB preset and a standard profile. After calibration with i1displayPro (monitor in custom preset, slight changes to reach D65 whitepoint) i got a solid ICC2 profile which seems to fill the Adobe RGB space quite well (compared them in 3D).
The point where i can't get any further is the color rendering in PS and ACR, the colors are limited to a sRGB like saturation level. I´ve set my Creative Suite Color settings to aRGB, disabled Softproofing in PS.Here is what red (255,0,0) looks like: left: proofing OFF
middle: sRGB proof
right: monitor proof

Photoshop :: Develop Great Color Workflow - SRGB?

Apr 19, 2012

Question for you. I'm really trying hard to develop a great color work flow. I realized after my new discovery I didn't to proof my photoshop files under Blurb's cmyk profile any longer. I went under Proofing and selected the calibration I have done with my X-rite colormunki. I realize under custom is the whole array of choices from the default Apple RGB to selecting the calibration colormunkit profile I do every two weeks with my X-Rite Colormunki. I just realized there are other settings I can select as well. One being the legacy Macintosh RGB Gamma 1.8. then Internet Standard RGB (SRGB), and finally Monitor RGB. the second of first choice
This question has gotten more intense for me. Since I'm working in Photoshop on files for my website should I set the monitor to Internet Standard RGB (sRGB) when I'm color correcting and adjusting my files for the web. Also should I go under custom and select the X-Rite Colormunki profile? Also since I'm going to only use SRGB files for Blurb books and not use Blurb's Icc profile any longer. Should I also select the Internet Standard RGB (sRGB) as for my monitor while adjusting my files for Blurb books or leave it as one of the other two legacy Macintosh RGB Gamma 1.8 etc?
Now again I'm wondering when I'm printing files for my Epson printers should I select legacy Macintosh RGB Gamma 1.8 or monitor RGB. Also should I choice the X-rite calibrated profile. I know when I'm in the Epson driver I go and select the printer profile for the printing paper I will be using.

Photoshop :: SRGB Showing As Untagged Won't Upload To WordPress

Oct 11, 2013

Working on a WordPress site. Some images I upload work just fine, others won't display. Noticing the ones that don't in Bridge are marked as 'untagged.'I'm guessing that is the issue. So I've tried the following to ensure they are sRGB.
A. In Photoshop Image>Convert to Profile>sRGB (Then either saving as a JPG or using Save for Web)
B. In Save for Web>JPEG>Progressive>Embed Color Profile is off>Convert to sRGB checked
Despite using either method images are marked as untagged.

Photoshop :: Copying A Selection In Flattened SRGB Image

Feb 3, 2012

I've noticed a problem with my Photoshop CS5 (12.0.4) / Windows 7 64-bit setup. Maybe once a day, after using Photoshop for a while, the current document's colours will look like they're using the wrong colour space, usually looking more vivid and artificial. The only way out of the situation is to restart Photoshop.
Example 1: after editing an image in AdobeRGB, I flatten it and run an action to resize, sharpen, and convert to sRGB. Occasionally, the picture ends up looking psychedelic.
Example 2: after copying a selection in a flattened sRGB image, I create a new sRGB image and paste. Occasionally, the new image is clearly off, still similar hues but changed in tone and saturation; going back to the original window, there is visual corruption.
I've got an ATI HD5670 graphics card, and have gone through maybe 3 driver revisions while this problem has existed. It's too infrequent a problem to easily replicate, and what I usually do is save and earlier state as a PSD and reload Photoshop.

Photoshop :: Color - SRGB Washing Out In Windows Apps

May 19, 2009

I'm having a color management issue. I use CS3 and the Spyder2Express color calibration system. I presently have my system (Windows) set to the Spyder2Express profile found under the display properties. I have Photoshop set to sRGB under edit-color settings. I am for some reason suddenly (in the past few days) having big issues with editing the photo in Photoshop to look as I want, then it experiencing a large color shift when viewed in any Windows application or uploaded to the web (IE7). Colors look very dull and washed out compared to Photoshop.�From my experience, the opposite has been true if working in Adobe RGB and failing to save to sRGB before uploading the image to the web - the images wash out. So, why are my images washing out if working in sRGB as my Photoshop color space to begin with? Any Photoshop + windows experts combined that can help? I am pulling my hair out. I need to upload photos to my blog (I am a photographer) and they look super dull compared to how they view in Photoshop!

Photoshop :: SRGB Color Profile Appears Dull In All...

Feb 5, 2008

I just installed CS3 in Windows Vista Ultimate x64 on my PC and I have my working color space set as sRGB. The color is dull when opening documents in any Adobe application with the working color space set to sRGB. The color is fixed if I change the working profile to my monitor profile which is 'Monitor RGB - Dell 2407WFP-HC'
When in the 'Monitor RGB - Dell 2407WFP-HC' profile whenever I open an existing file Photoshop alerts me that the embedded color profile is different than my working profile (all of my existing files are managed as sRGB and on my previous computer the sRGB profile looked perfect.)
Photoshop I could theoretically live with but the same problem occurs in Acrobat and changing the 'Working Profile' in Acrobat has no change on how the sRGB managed PDF is being displayed. The same PDF will look fine on another computer.
How do I get sRGB color to display correctly in Adobe applications and not look dull and muted?
Additional Information: The problem is still prevalent when accessing the computer with Remote Desktop which leads me to believe it has nothing to do with my monitor or the video card I am using.

Photoshop :: How To Convert SRGB Images To CMYK Retaining Icc Profiles

Aug 7, 2013

I was given the follwoing info. but not sure it answers fully - it still doesn't resolve the problem of converting to CMYK with the icc profile. I think this might be an option if the profile is loaded into the colour setting (colour settings under edit menu as oposed to convert to profile and its convert to profile I have been trying to action. Am I missing something straightforward?
you can do batch process in Photoshop
-There is a fast and easy method to batch convert many RGB photographs to CMYK files by using Photoshop
-Please open an image, then open the Action Tab (Window > Actions)
-Please click 'Create new action' button, name the action in the text field and click the 'Record' button.
-Now it is recording, so select 'Image > Mode > CMYK Color', then hit the 'Stop' button in the Action Tab.
-The action is now created ready for the next step.
-To batch convert a folder of images, just select 'File > Automate > Batch' and the following window opens.
-Choose the 'Convert RGB to CMYK' action from the drop-down list, choose the source folder where your images are stored, then choose a destination folder where Photoshop will save the converted images.
-Click the 'OK' button and the batch process will start. How fast will depend on the number of images that need converting.
-The action you created will be stored, so you only need to perform a new batch process the next time you need to convert a batch of images.

Photoshop Elements :: Color Representation Is SRGB And Photometric Interpretation Is Blank?

ProfileSep 30, 2013

I have both PSE 10 and LR 5.2, but am not that comfortable with LR yet. I took a new photo and brought it into LR for a few edits, then did 'Edit In' to finish the edits in PSE. The file was a Tiff at that point. I went to use the 'Touch Up Scratches and Blemishes' tool, and it wouldn't allow me to use it until I got the prompt to convert from 16 bit color to 8 bit, which I did. Then did a bunch of other edits in PSE, and did a 'Save As' to a JPG file. On the 'Save As' dialog, the only option I had for 'Color' was a checkbox that said 'ICC Profile: ProPhoto RGB'. Left that checked.
After saving the file, I looked at the file properties on the 'Details' tab. It shows the 'Color representation' as 'Uncalibrated' and the 'Photometric interpretation' as 'RGB'. Normally when I don't do the LR edits first, the 'Color representation' is 'sRGB' and the 'Photometric interpretation' is blank.
So the questions: Is what I did OK? The final jpg file appears OK when I took at it in Windows, but wonder if I am going to have a problem somewhere else. Did I lose detail in converting from 16 bit to 8 bit to do the edits in PSE? Should I have done something different along the way, assuming I wanted to do my final edits in PSE?

Photoshop :: Converted SRGB Images From Wide Gamut Monitor To Look Good In Browser?

Nov 1, 2012

Srgb Iec61966-2.1 Icc Download Mac Download

So, after many trials and studying websites that take images seriously on different monitors I'm considering giving up trying to get converted sRGB images from my wide gamut monitor to look good in my browser. Sure if you convert to sRGB, in a wide gamut setup, the image will look good on old monitors.
BUT it won't look good on the new ones. Nobody talks about that. It really seems that some of the high end coporate sites are already converting to adobeRGB and putting images on the web that are converted to AdobeRGB and not sRGB. The photos look great in my browser on my wide gamut monitor and those sites' photos seem washed out on the sRGB monitors I used on the same sites.
There is no way for me to know for sure sinced the images are untagged but when I download them and apply the AdobeRGB profile to them, it looks just like in the browser. The sRGB profile washes out the image. Look at [URL] ....

What Is Srgb Mode Monitor

Photoshop :: CS6 (Save For Web) - (Convert To SRGB) - RAW Photo Files / Edit In Wide Color Space?

Srgb Vs Icc Viewing Conditions

Sep 7, 2012

I'm aiming to take RAW photo files, edit them in a wide color space, and when posting them to the web, save them as sRGB.
My workspace is as follows:
I open RAW files in Photoshop via ACR as 16-bit ProPhoto smart objects. When I finish editing them, I use 'Save for Web' with the 'Convert to sRGB' and 'Embed Color Profile' boxes checked.
Photoshop and Bridge tell me the profile in photos saved as such is sRGB as expected. When I upload to a site like flickr, however, the metadata says the photo is still in ProPhoto. See an example here: [URL]...If I use 'Convert to Profile' and change it to sRGB, then upload to flickr, the metadata says the photo is in sRGB, as it should be.

GIMP :: How To Embed SRGB Into Exports

Nov 23, 2012

Srgb Iec61966 2.1 Color Profile

As a bit of good housekeeping while struggling with an .icc problem I upgraded from Gimp 2.6 to (as of yesterday) the latest 2.8.
Now when I export my work into a .jpg or .tif the sRGB embedding that used to be automatic no longer takes place.
I can tell by going onto my Windows hard-drive, finding the exported file (e.g. XYZ.jpg), right-clicking on;
'Properties' >>> 'Details' >>> 'Image' >>> 'Colour Representation'.
It should have 'sRGB' on this line but is now blank - indicating that the embedding to the file did not occur in the Export from Gimp.
This must be simple to correct - it was previously working without my knowledge.
Update - Since posting I've experimented with different files and it seems that if sRGB is embedded by the manufaturer's software - in my case I shoot RAW files and open in Canon's DPP to view and convert to .tif to edit in Gimp - it will be retained by Gimp all through its Import and Export processes.
But ... for whatever mysterious reasons this normality has been interrupted earlier and I need to go back to some Gimp files and re-Export with sRGB now embedded.

Lightroom :: Use Adobe RGB And SRGB Colour Spaces In 5?

Sep 23, 2013

how can you work in adobe RGB and sRGB colours paces in LR 5. Why do my photos in prophoto colour space print so badly on my inkjet computer. If I am using the book module in LR 5 will Blurb be able to print them using prophoto colour spaces.

Lightroom :: 4.4 - Export Using SRGB / Pictures Look Too Orange?

May 11, 2013

I have a Eizo ColorEdge monitor that is calabrated with a Spyder3 puck using Eizo's software. I shoot with a Sony A99 and A700 in RAW and use Lightroom 4.4. After editing I export using sRGB JPEGS. My pictures always look overly saturated orange.

Lightroom :: Does Automatically Convert To SRGB For Web Gallery?

Srgb Iec61966-2.1 Icc Download Mac 10.10

Dec 14, 2012

I have AdobeRGB PSDs and camera RAW files, that I develop in LR and then export for web. Does LR default to a conversion to sRGB? I can't find a tick-box for this. All web images seem to get tagged sRGB, but I'm not sure whether this is a genuine colour space conversion, or merely a re-tagging.