Lion Disk Maker is an application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and OS X 10.8 to burn a DVD or build a bootable drive from Mac OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion Installation program. As soon as you launch the application, it tries to. MacBook Air is stuck at “Downloading Additional Components”. I was downloading OS X Mountain Lion and was faced with the same issue. I had to look for a faster internet connection and it worked. How to know if “About This Mac” got modded and/or reset it. 2011 Mac book 'can't download the additional components needed to install mac os X' Question Trying to revive a 2011 Mac book and use internet recovery when I try and get it to begin the install it says the time remaining -2,000,000,000 and then 0 and then says the text in the title.

  1. Ask a friend/acquaintance at work/school who owns a mac to download the Mountain Lion installer from the app store and use it to create a bootable USB installer drive. You'll need to supply them with a USB drive (8Gb or larger), and possibly buy them a beverage of their choice to say thanks afterwards.
  2. Just download the Install Mac OS X Lion app from the Mac App Store and let it walk you through the remaining steps. Still, things can—and occasionally do—go astray.
I bought a used Imac (just over a year old). It is born with Lion which was on the machine when I got it.
When I tried to install the machine again I started to erase the hard drive and insert my USB key with Mountain lion that I have used on my other Macs, to create a 'Clean install'.
The problem comes at the error message I repeatedly get after a few minutes of installation. Note the computer is connected to the Internet, and I have tried both wired and wireless on several different networks.
Error message: 'Can not download the additional components needed to install Mac OS X'
I have also tried to install Lion with the USB key and get the same error message.
Next, I tried to make 'internet recovery' by pressing 'cmd + alt + R'. The installation starts.
However, I get the exact same error message again, after the computer has been running the installation a few hours!
PT, I have an Imac which can not be used for anything.
Apple Support had no other advice than to try on a different network, as they believed the error was due to the network!
I currently have tried 3 different wireless network and 2 wired and spent between 10 and 15 hours on the project.
Has run out of good ideas!
Experience or advice very welcome! ...........
Regards Kristian

The certificates for several of Apples OS's expired in October 2019, Apple have been very poor at getting these updated on their Recovery Servers with valid certificates. This may be the problem you are experiencing.

Try this workaround, we are going to set the time and date on your mac to a date previous to the expiry date of the certificates.

Boot to your Recovery HD, click on Utilities in the menubar select Terminal.

Enter a new date, for example or just copy and paste

press Return

enter your password

press Return

Now try downloading the OS.

Mac os x lion can

Mac Os Lion Can't Download Additional Components

If this works when the OS is installed and booted up you can Open System Preferences> Date & Time

Mac Lion Can't Download Additional Components

and reset the time back to today.

Mac Os X Lion Can't Download Additional Components

Feb 5, 2020 12:40 PM