League of Legends PBE lets you play with new content and features before the developers decide to release them. Test new heroes, new skills, maps, and other game-changing modifications in this realm.

Unlock game features without playing to earn them

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This special realm of League of Legends is available for anyone who wishes to get ahead of their competition.

This special realm of League of Legends is available for anyone who wishes to get ahead of their competition. Create your account, and download the client as soon as PBE launches, or before registrations close. Play the game as how you normally would, but remember to fully utilize the added features.

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PBE includes all previous mechanics of the game, and lets you play with your original settings. Access all champions, maps, and special abilities with this client. Play solo or against other players to gauge new changes. Rankings in this realm do not extend to your regular account, so let loose and experiment.

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You can try out new heroes and skills right away without having to unlock them. Level up and jump right into battle. Keep in mind that this content may have unexpected effects on your usual strategies. Make sure you test changes to other game mechanics such as death caps, or items, as well. All achievements and records stay in the PBE.


League of Legends developers created PBE with perfection in mind. You can send your helpful feedback after you have finished testing. Simply report any bugs or problems on the forums or by email. Like this you give the designers a chance to further improve on any new changes.

Where can you run this program?

You can run League of Legends PBE on Windows 7 and later. Also available on Mac.

Is there a better alternative?

League Of Legends Download Free

No. The League of Legends PBE is the only software of its kind. Similar games include DoTA, and Heroes of the Storm. These games have their own testing realms. You can only find one beta client for LoL.

Our take

League of Legends PBE is a great way to gain early access to incoming content. Some of these features can take a long time to perfect, so download and play as much as you can.

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Should you download it?

Yes. If you are an experienced player, downloading PBE is a must to stay in the competition. Beginner players can also enjoy testing their skills without affecting their rankings.

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