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ShowBox has become one of the most popular applications in the Android world, and it’s not really surprising why. The app allows people to access the latest and the greatest movies and TV shows — without having to pay anything. That’s right: no need to spend your hard-earned dollars on a monthly subscription just to keep yourself entertained! Simply download ShowBox into your Android phone or tablet, choose what you want to watch, and enjoy hours of fun and excitement.

However, this too-good-to-be-true situation has many people asking, “Is ShowBox safe?” Well, the word “safe” can actually be interpreted in several ways, and we’ll discuss them below.

The Legal Side – How Safe is ShowBox?

On a ShowBox thread on Reddit, one Redditor points out that using ShowBox is safer than torrenting content. This comes from the fact that the latter essentially involves downloading tiny parts of files from different users — one of which could be an agent from an anti-piracy organization. This, in turn, can result in a whole legal can of worms that nobody really wants to get involved in.

And it seems that this Redditor was correct. Theoretically, streaming content without paying for the privilege can count as stealing. However, the law focuses only on those who download content (even the tiniest part of a file) and use streamed content for public performance (e.g. when you stream movies for your entire neighborhood or apartment building). If you’re not downloading anything, and if you’re just streaming content for yourself and your family/friends, you’re in the clear.

The Software Side – How Does ShowBox Work?

This is probably the more important issue to tackle. There have been numerous reports of users who have problems with ShowBox due to various bugs that affect its performance, but nobody has yet complained that they got hacked through the app. However, the possibility is always there since ShowBox isn’t exactly the most secure application on the planet.

For one thing, you can’t download it from the Google Play Store. This isn’t really a big deal since you can simply enable “Unknown Sources” in your Settings and proceed to download and install ShowBox’s APK on your device. However, the fact that you need to take these steps proves that ShowBox does come with a few risks. Since it’s not in the Play Store, it hasn’t been subjected to Google’s testing process to identify whether apps have malware or not. So, you have no assurance that the ShowBox app is 100 percent free from viruses and other harmful software.

We’d like to point out that not all apps on the Play Store are certified malware-free — after all, Google’s system isn’t foolproof. Still, the fact that all Play Store apps go through a screening process decreases the likelihood that they’re infected with viruses.

Showbox Download For Pc

The Verdict – Is ShowBox Safe?

From a legal standpoint, ShowBox can be considered safe to use and won’t likely put you on the wrong side of the law. But, in terms of online safety, you must be aware that downloading, installing, and using the app come can put your device at risk of contracting malware. To reduce the chances, get your ShowBox APK from a reliable source and scan your device for malware every now and then.

In this article, you’ll get to know how to download Showbox for Mac computer and how to install it by using various methods. After trying many methods, we’re presenting you the best methods to get it done smoothly. Remember that this guide is not for useful Windows users, please use our Showbox for Windows PC guide instead.

In recent times, What is a prominent hardware and software company best known for its series of products? One can Undoubtedly say, it’s Apple Inc. You can’t expect the craze of Apple Products in the market. Mac is one of the most popular operating system used worldwide in Apple computers. Nowadays people are using Apple products not for a sake of efficiency and speed but also for a status of a symbol. If you’re looking to install Showbox, then this is the landing point where you’ll get the information from scratch.


  • 3 1. Install Showbox by using Andyroid Emulator
  • 5 3. Install Showbox by using Arc Welder Chrome Extension

A Quick Guide on How to Download and Run Showbox on Mac(iMac, MacBook Air/Pro)

Shortly, I’ll explain to you different techniques by which you can easily install the Showbox on your Mac. As you know Showbox is officially available for Android, but with a workaround, you can install it on your Computer easily. Please do follow the below steps carefully.

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Install Showbox using Emulators

Emulator: Emulator is a software, which acts as an Android Device on a Computer.

What Is Showbox

1. Install Showbox by using Andyroid Emulator

Andyroid is an Android Emulator as like BlueStacks. It will act as a virtual Android device on your Mac Computer. The main function of Andyroid is to transform your Mac device into an Android device. You need to be little focused while installing Andyroid, it’s not like other Emulators.

#1 Steps to download and Install Andyroid

  1. Get the Andyroid software from the official website. Click here to redirect to the Official website.
  2. Next, install the Andyroid software on your Mac.

#2 Steps to install Showbox on Andyroid

  1. Once the installation was done, open the Andyroid.
  2. Open the default web browser on Andyroid.
  3. Visit the URL on the browser’s address bar, ““.
  4. Click on “Download the app” button.
  5. Now, open the ES File Explorer on Andyroid.
  6. Go to sdcard0 > Download, click on “showbox_showboxupdates.apk” file to install.
  7. Click on “Install”.
  8. Click on “Open”.
  9. Or you can also find from home screen of Andyroid.
  10. Now you can enjoy watching favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Videos on your Mac computer.

Is Showbox Safe For Android

2.Install Showbox by using BlueStacks

As you know BlueStacks is also an Emulator and it can act as Android Device on a Computer.

  • Get BlueStacks from the official website. Click here
  • Once you downloaded the Bluestacks, install it by following the required steps.
  • With this, you successfully installed BlueStacks on Mac System.
  • I recommend you to download the updated Showbox apk for Mac. Click here to download.
  • Go to the folder where you saved Showbox and open it with BlueStacks.
  • Now, the app will start installing in Bluestacks.
  • After the installation is done, you’ll get a notification.
  • You can find Showbox from the My Apps tab.
  • Now you can enjoy streaming your favorite Movies, Videos and TV Series on Mac Computer.

3. Install Showbox by using Arc Welder Chrome Extension

This procedure is very simple and easy. Arc Welder is a Google Chrome(Browser) Extension which helps to run APK files directly on your computer. You no need to install this extension again and again, once installed you can use this for many times.

#1 Quick Guide to get Arc Welder Extension

  • Open Google Chrome browser from your device.
  • Go to Apps which is on the top left corner.
  • In Apps, go to the Web Store.
  • Search for Arc Welder in the Web Store. Here is the direct link.
  • Select that extension and tap on ADD TO CHROME.
  • Once it’s been added to the system, one black colored pop up will appear on your Mac Computer.
  • Click on that pop-up, and tap on Launch App.
  • Now Arc Welder Extension has been enabled.

#2 Steps to add Showbox on Arc Welder

  • Get the Showbox APK from our website. It is 100% safe and secure. Click here.
  • Open Arc Welder Extension, it’ll ask you to Add your APK.
  • Once you added the APK to the Extension, you can see few options, set them as per your requirement. Click on “Test”.
  • Go to “chrome://apps/” and open the app. Now, you can play Showbox movies and programs on Mac devices as well.

Showbox is a hidden multi-platform supportive application, so users can able stream content between mobile and laptop. Showbox turns your Mac computer into a collections movies and shows source. As I said earlier, there is no Mac version of it, so you must be installed through the above guide. In case of any problems while installing please do comment below.