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  • Once a new Google Doc window opens, click File in the top-bar menu and select Download as Microsoft Word; Google Drive works really well if you have a simple PDF text document that you need to edit in Word. However, if your PDF file is image-heavy, you’re going to need a more powerful PDF to Word converter for Mac.
  • Open a Word File Open the Word file on your Mac using the appropriate Microsoft Office program. Click the 'File' button on the top menu, and select the 'Save As' button.
  • Download Free Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac Full Version. If you looking on the internet an Microsoft Word for Mac So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application its most popular and used the able product for Microsoft word for Mac full version Design for documents formatting tools, you can write a document and edit online shares and save online Web browser.
  • Use your Mac's default TextEdit program to open a Word document. Open Word documents pn a Mac laptop or desktop computer without having to download any special. On Mac using an app from the Mac App Store called PDF to Word. In the Mac App Store as.

We always use Word or Pages on Mac to build documents. But sometimes the word documents might get lost or cannot be saved and come with error codes. These might cause by Microsoft Word document corruption, Word files deleted by mistake from Mac and trash emptied; USB drive or other storage devices which stored your Word documents formatting; and some other unknown reasons. When this happened, how can we recover Word document? And how to get these deleted Word documents back on Mac? Easy! What you should do is stop to do anything, just find Mac Word document recovery software to retrieve all your lost Word document data back.

Upload mac-file(s) Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page. Choose 'to doc' Choose doc or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported) Step 3. Download your doc. Let the file convert and you can download your doc file right afterwards. MAC to DOC Quality Rating.

Part 1. How to Recover Lost Word Document on Mac

Recoverit Pages and Word Document Recovery Mac is a powerful Data Recovery Macsoftware which can help you restore all kinds of files include Word (pages), Excel (numbers), PPT (keynotes) etc office documents; all video, audio, image files etc due to deleting, formatting, or other unknown reasons on Mac, and you can preview the content before recovery.


Why Choose This Word Document Recovery Software:

  • It can recover 550+ kinds of data including videos, documents, emails, audio files and more.
  • It can restore data lost due to deletion, formatting, system error, etc.
  • It supports data recovery from local Mac drive, external hard drive, digital camera, etc.
  • You can preview and select data before click 'Recover' button.
  • This Mac data recovery software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra ), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Word Document on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

Step 1Choose Word Document Types

Download and install Mac Word document recovery program, and then open it.

Step 2Select a Drive to Scan Lost Word Documents

Select the drive where you've lost your files to find out accurate results. If your use an external drive and it is not in the list, click the 'Refresh' icon beside 'External Removable Device' and it should appear. And then click 'Start' button on the bottom right corner to start the scan. Enable Deep Scan: if you not find the lost or deleted Word documents, please click on 'Deep Scan' on the bottom which will retrieve more data but also will cost more time.

Step 3Preview and Recover Word Document on Mac OS X

You can preview the scanned Word document anytime during scanning, so, if you find the deleted or lost Word document you can click 'pause' button or just stop the scan process, select the recovered Word files checkbox and click 'Recover' button to retrieve the lost/deleted Word document on Mac (macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, El Capitan included).

Note: If you are a user who has updated Mac to 10.13 macOS High Sierra system, you need know that because the new Mac system is not allowed to access to built-in system drive from any apps, so you need to disable SIP on Mac before you start before.

If you scan out so many documents, use filter such as time, document size, file name, modified time, created time etc. to help me find out your lost Word documents. When you click the 'Recover' button, this Word Document Recovery program will let you select a path to save the Word document, please don't choose the drive where you lost the Word document, external drives are highly recommended.


if your Word documents are in your external hard drive or other storage devices, please connect the device to the Mac, and the drive will be appeared in the 'External Removable Devices' list.

Part 2. Some Normal Tips About Document Recovery on Mac (Including El Capitan)

2.1 Can unsaved document be recovered on Mac?

It's hard to give a exact answer about this question. If the document hasn't been saved before, you can hardly recover it. Here're some advices that may be useful for you to recover those documents that have been saved before.

Step 1 Check 'Trash' to look for a folder named 'Recovered items'.

How to download word document to mac os

Step 2 Find 'Word Work File' files in 'Temporary items' folder by typing '/private/var/folders', you can probably get your dorument back. You can click here to learn more about how to recover unsaved Word document on Mac.

2.2 How to Improve Your Word Document Recovery Success Rate on Mac OS X

Usually, your deleted Word document are not lost permanently, it still exist on Mac system, so you have chance to use data recovery applications like Recoverit (IS) for Mac to restore them. But you must stop using Mac computer right now to avoid deleted data may be overwritten. Once the files are covered by the new data, nothing can help you.

Second, if you know your lost document place like which drive, which file system etc., it will save more time for you.

2.3 Ways to avoid document Unsave or Corruption disasters

Actually, there're two important functions of Word application that can greatly avoid this issue. You can set 'Autosave' or 'Autobackup' funtions in Word application so that your Word document can be saved and stored automatically.

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PDF is the most common format used to share files around, but it can be frustrating to deal with if you want to make changes to the text or images. Editing a PDF often requires special software. And this is where Microsoft Word can really come in handy. A great way to make changes to PDFs is to turn PDF into Word document, make any edits, and convert it back to a PDF.

What’s the easiest way to convert PDF to Word on Mac? Copy and paste could come to mind, but it’s a hassle. Oftentimes, the original formatting doesn’t make it to the new platform and you’ll have to spend your precious time tediously reflowing and adjusting text in Word, only to eventually send it back again.

Get the best PDF editor for Mac

Change anything in your PDF without converting it to other formats. PDFpen can handle OCR, signatures, images, and so much more.

The point is you absolutely need to know how to convert PDF to Word on Mac — whether to sign your lease agreement or correct a file at work. So why not learn the best ways to convert PDF to Word doc now to make your life much easier later on.

How To Convert PDF To Word On Mac

So how do you turn PDF into Word quickly and seamlessly? Truth is there are a few ways to convert PDF to Word to make simple edits in your files. For example, you could convert PDF to Word doc using Google Drive or Adobe Acrobat Pro. You could also capture PDF text with a built-in Mac utility called Automator. But the real secret is to know a few advanced apps that do all the work for you. Let’s dive into all.

How to change PDF to Word with Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular online editing tool and there’s a good chance that you already store some PDFs within its storage solution called Google Drive, which also allows you to convert PDFs to Word docs without the need to download a PDF to your computer first. Just note that if your PDF includes lots of images, Google Drive might remove them in the final document.

Here’s how to set your Google Drive to read PDF files in Google Docs and then convert them into Word documents:

  1. Click on the cog symbol at the top right in Google Drive and choose Settings
  2. In the General tab, check the box in 'Convert uploads' that states 'Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format'
  3. Find the desired PDF file within Google Docs and right-click on it.
  4. Choose 'Open with' and select Google Docs
  5. Once a new Google Doc window opens, click File in the top-bar menu and select Download as Microsoft Word

Google Drive works really well if you have a simple PDF text document that you need to edit in Word. However, if your PDF file is image-heavy, you’re going to need a more powerful PDF to Word converter for Mac.

How to convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat Pro

How To Download Word Document To Mac Os

Adobe Acrobat Pro is another complete solution to create and edit PDFs. The good thing about it is that your fonts and layout features, such as bullets and tables, will be left intact. Even when you’re out of the office, you can still export PDF to Word using a mobile version of Acrobat.

How To Download Word Document To Mac Download

To convert from PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  1. Open your desired PDF file
  2. Choose the Export PDF tool on the right sidebar
  3. Select Microsoft Word as the export format and then Word Document
  4. Click Export
  5. Save and name your Word file in your desired location

If the PDF file contains any scanned text, Acrobat will recognize it automatically.

How to convert from PDF to Word using Automator

Automator is a Mac utility, built right into your macOS. It generally helps with menial tasks, such as renaming files in batches or moving files in bulk. For our purposes, Automator also offers to help with extracting text from PDF without converting the file to Word. You can then edit the text in any text editor, such as the Ulysses app.

To use Automator for extracting text:

  1. Open Automator via the Applications folder
  2. Select Workflow and tap Enter
  3. Click on Files and Folders in the left column
  4. In the second column, select Ask for Finder Items and drag it into the right pane that says 'Drag actions or files here to build your workflow.'
  5. Choose the PDFs in the left column and select Extract PDF Text located in the second column
  6. Drag and drop Extract PDF Text to the right under Find Files and Folders
  7. Select Rich Text instead of Plain Text to retain formatting
  8. Choose where you want Automator to place your extracted text files
  9. Save as an application, open the new Automator application, and select the PDF you want to grab the text from

Open the new Rich Text document in a word processor like Ulysses, a focused writing app. Ulysses helps you write with a clean distraction-free user interface as well as structure and format your piece in its Markdown editor. Conveniently, you’re also able to keep your side notes, sketches, and manuscripts in the app’s library. When you’re done, just export your work into a well-designed ebook or a new PDF file.

Ulysses can also be the answer to how to convert Word to PDF on Mac, since it’s able to open Word files and export anything as PDF too.

On another note, Automator works great for working with text files, but what can you do if you want to extract words from images in your PDF?

How to extract text from images with Prizmo

When you want to grab text embedded in an image, you need Prizmo.

Prizmo is an essential app that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF documents. It also lets you edit or correct small errors or formatting mistakes in scanned files, just as you would be able to in your favorite word processor. All in all, Prizmo is your best friend if you’re looking to work with text in any printed papers, business cards, or even receipts.

How to edit PDFs without converting them to Word

If figuring out how to export PDF to Word sounds like too much work — there’s another way to edit them as well, using PDFpen.

PDFpen is a powerful editor you can use to add new images, text, and even signatures directly to your PDF files. You can also erase and edit existing content, resize or move graphics, and copy and paste from other sources while retaining formatting.

How To Download A Word Document To Your Mac

Use PDfpen when you need to review and add feedback to PDF files. You’d be able to simply highlight, underscore, or add corrections to any file. With a simple drag and drop feature, you can add new pages, reorder existing ones, or combine separate PDF files into one. If you’re going to be editing PDF files on a regular basis, PDFpen is a must-have.

Now that you know how to export PDF to Word, extract text from PDF, and even edit your PDF file directly, you can take control of your important documents and make edits as needed.

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