Recording a lecture on a Mac differs slightly from recording on a PC. Read through this brief guide to familiarize yourself with Tegrity’s Mac Recorder functions.


1. Access your Tegrity environment

Download Tegrity Lecture Capture and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Free for all Tegrity users, the Tegrity app allows you to watch your Tegrity playbacks while you. How to: Install Mac Recorder. Log in to Tegrity like you normally do and navigate to a course. Locate and click Start a Recording (Instructors) or Start a Test (Students) or Start a Recording (Students) 3. The button will fade and change to Launching. You will be presented with the page below. Use Tegrity on your Android Device; Use Tegrity on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad; How to’s: Find what version of the Tegrity recorder you are using; Install Tegrity Download manager on a Mac; Install Tegrity Download manager on a PC; Download mp3 files; Upload Video File on a Mac; Re-Install Tegrity Recorder for PC; Download and playback. Tegrity Features. Record lectures, demonstrations, or tutorials from anywhere. Students can view lectures anytime, anywhere (great before midterms and finals!) Upload notes, annotations, and supporting files that align with the recordings. Chat live with students using Tegrity Connect. Remotely proctor exams. Have a live stream of a lecture.

2. Click on Start a Recording, located in the top right-hand corner of your screen

Note: You may also enter a Course and select “Start A Recording” from the course. When you start a recording from the Course there is no need to select the Course from the drop down menu referenced in B below.

3. The Tegrity Recorder will appear:

  • A. Your name should be printed in the top left-hand corner. If you are not the selected user, click Change User
  • B. Choose a Course: from the drop-down menu provided
  • C. A default title with the date and time has been selected for you. If you would like to change the title of your recording, you may do so now
  • D. Choose a microphone to use with your recording. The built-in microphone was selected for the example above
  • E. Set the Audio Level by raising or lowering the slider control

Note: It is best practice to keep the audio level in the Green range, if the level enters red it may become distorted. The “Recommended Audio Level” provides the best quality in most cases.

  • F. If you would like to use a camera with your recording, check the Instructor Camera box. If you do so, you will then be able choose a camera source from the drop-down menu directly below
  • G. Choose camera
  • H. Click “Record” to begin your recording

4. Recording controls will appear at the bottom of your screen, pause stop and audio level

  • You may expand the control by clicking the arrow to the left, this will allow you to:
    • a. Select a camera, or a connected external peripheral, such as an over head device
    • b. draw/annotate over whatever is showing on your monitor
    • c. use the Tegrity White Board

5. When you have completed your recording, click the stop button

6. The following dialogue box will appear. Select Save and Upload if your recording is complete

  • Selecting Don’t Save will delete your recording
  • Selecting Cancel will allow you to continue recording)

7. Your recording will automatically begin uploading in the background. To check on the status of your upload:

  • Open your Tegrity Recorder
  • Click File
  • Click Manage Upload Queue, the window below will appear

Tegrity Recording Software Download

Note: Although you can resume an upload if you lose internet connection, it is recommended that you stay connected until the upload completes whenever possible.

Unless your instructor has disabled the feature, all students are able to download class recordings onto their computers. This means that Tegrity recordings can be viewed anywhere and at any time, even without an internet connection. Downloading courses to your computer makes studying convenient, especially if you’re studying from a place where internet access is unavailable, such as in an airplane or outdoors. All of your recordings are available 24/7.

Note: These instructions are on how to download and playback recordings on a Mac. For instructions on how to download and playback recordings on a PC, click here.

Note: Before proceeding with these instructions, please turn your browser pop up blocker off.

There are two ways to save Tegrity recordings to your computer:

1. From your Courses page:

a. Click on the course title where the recordings you wish to download are located

b. To the right of each recording you will see a check box, check the recordings you want to download

You may select multiple recordings
The amount and length of selected recordings will impact download time

c. When the recordings are checked, roll your mouse over “Recording Tasks” and click “Download”

Tegrity Download Manager should launch or you will be prompted to install it

d. The Download Manager will open

If not, please ensure you have enabled pop-ups on your web browser

e. Click “Yes

f. On the next window click “Continue”

g. Enter your Mac password when prompted and click “Install software”

You will receive a message stating “The installation was successful.” Click “Close”

You are now ready to select and download multiple recordings.

2. You can also find the download icon on the Tegrity playback screen

a. Click the download icon

b. The Tegrity Download Manager should launch, or you will be prompted to install it (See steps above)

c. The download will start automatically

Note: By default, your recording has been saved: Users>User_Name>Videos>My Tegrity Recordings>Sessions


Playing back your Tegrity recording requires that you select the correct file inside of the folder where your recording is located.

1. Click on your recording’s folder

The folder name will be something like: AWS Research Course_Fri, Nov 06, 12 10 PM_2e74cc0f-db58-4861-985f-b9ea9f84de62

This folder will contain two folders:


Tegrity download manager


Your recording files are in the “Recording” Folder

Tegrity Download Manager

2. Double click Default.htm

How To Install Tegrity

Your “default” web browser will open (although no internet is needed) and your downloaded recording will play with all activated functions, such as bookmarks and controlled playback.