How to burn uTorrent to DVD? I’ve download many movies through uTorrent and I can watch it on Windows Media Player. Now I want to watch them on my DVD player instead of this small computer screen. When I try to burn the file onto a DVD, I got an error message saying that this file format is not supported. How do you burn uTorrent movies to a DVD disc?

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µTorrent is a BitTorrent client, so it speaks the BitTorrent protocol, much like a browser would speak HTTP. Just as there are multiple web browsers, there are multiple BitTorrent clients, and µTorrent is the most popular. To convert and burn uTorrent movies to DVD disc, you will need a DVD burning program. If the program currently you are using cannot recognize the uTorrent format, you need to find a better application for burning. Most ripped movies on the net are AVI formats, there are also MKV, MP4 and more. Check out the step-by-step guide below and learn the easiest solution to burn DVD off uTorrent movies.

Step 1 Download DVD Creator

DVD Creator is the most professional DVD burning program which is able to burn almost any types of videos (AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG, etc.) to DVD disc for playback on home DVD player. With DVD Creator, you don’t have to worry about video formats compatible problems.

How To Download Movies On Torrent Pc

Step 2 Import uTorrent videos

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this uTorrent to DVD converter, click on “Source” button to add your downloaded uTorrent movies to the program. The right windows lets you preview the imported movies.

Step 3 Customize DVD Menu (Optional)

By clicking on “Menu” button, you can choose one of your favorite DVD menu styles from the various built-in DVD menus. You can even customize the menu with your own picture and music. Editing videos before burning is also supported.

Step 4 Burn uTorrent movies to DVD

Now insert a writable DVD disc into your computer’s DVD drive, click on “Burn” button to start burning movies to DVD from uTorrent.

The burning time will depend on the movie’s length and your PC’s hardware. Once done, you can pop the DVD and watch it on your home DVD player hooked to TV. Enjoy.

How To Download Movies On Utorrent Mac Osx


1. Don't try to convert uTorrent movies to any other format it will only reduce their quality. DVD Creator lets you burn uTorrent to DVD directly. To burn uTorrent movies to DVD on Mac, check out DVD Creator for Mac.

2. If you want to convert uTorrent movies to videos for playback on iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP and other devices you have, you may use Video Converter.

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