Netflix gives you the option to download shows on their Windows app, as well as Android and iOS, but there is no such thing for Mac users. For a long time now, I was looking for a way to download my favorite Netflix shows on a Mac, and there wasn’t any working solution. Until today.

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So, I recently found out a way to download Netflix videos on Mac. And no, we are not talking about recording Mac’s screen. Instead, we’ll use an app called Parallels, which lets you run Windows on your Mac. Yes, you can also run Windows on the Mac with Boot Camp but that will require you to restart your Mac every time you need to switch to Windows and not to mention the complicated setup. Parallels, on the other hand, is an optimized virtual machine, so it runs Windows within macOS. The setup is simple and would take around 15 minutes. And it even works flawlessly even with a VPN, so you can watch geo-restricted shows like the office the US without any glitch. And if that’s not enough, it even lets you watch 4k content on your Mac. Sounds awesome. Let’s see how you go about it.

The final & only remaining way to download Netflix movies on Mac is using the Screen Capture software. One of those tools is Movavi that lets you capture or record a specific part of the screen that you can save as a regular video. This simply means you can start watching Netflix video content in the web browser, start recording, & save it for. How to record Netflix on a Mac using Windows. While Mac users are out in the cold - Netflix has made it possible for Windows users to download Netflix content on their PCs. May 03, 2019 Download Netflix Movies on Mac Step 1: Install Parallels on a Mac Go to and download Parallels Desktop application for your computer. Although the single license costs $80, there is a 14 days trial with full access to the software. This may seem difficult for several, but it’s the mainly proficient way we’ve found to download Netflix shows and movies on Mac. So, you will get three solutions on how to download movies from Netflix on mac? Movavi is an app which will let you capture a chosen part of the screen. And you can save the recording as a regular video file. Jul 31, 2020 To download Netflix shows on Mac as MP4, click Video Recorder in the main interface. Step 2 Open the website on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other browsers on Mac. Sign into your Netflix account, and then open the Netflix show you want to save. Step 3 Set the Netflix screen capture area as full screen, a fixed window or custom region.

Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Step 1: Install Parallels on a Mac

Go to and download Parallels Desktop application for your computer. Although the single license costs $80, there is a 14 days trial with full access to the software.

Within the trial period, you won’t be bugged with any watermarks or asked for your credit card information. So, it makes sense to use this if you are going for a vacation where the internet might be expensive or non-existent.

If you like the software then you can purchase a license after trial runs its course.

Once you download Parallels’s dmg file, install it on your Mac, like you install any other software.

My favorite thing about Parallels is that the installation is extremely simple. Simply, run the software, and it’ll take care of everything, from installing Windows to configuring it. In fact, I ran the installer and went for a walk. Once I came back, Windows was ready to go. I was surprised, I didn’t have to click even a single button.

You may get a popup that would read System Extension Blocked, it means your macOS requires an exception in Security Preferences for this application. Click the button to open the Settings page and grant the permissions.

You just have to click a single button to grant the exception, click ‘Allow’ to begin the setup process. It would also prompt you to enter the macOS account credentials and authenticate the transaction before granting the exception.

It automatically fetches the Windows copy from the Windows server so you don’t have to download the Windows ISO. Parallels download an evaluation copy of Windows though. It would take a few minutes to install though as the package is around 5GB.

After downloading the setup files, Parallels would automatically begin the installation process and you would be greeted with the installation screen. If you’ve never used windows, this screen means you’re already there and it would take a couple of more minutes to finalize the settings.

After finishing the installation, you will be able to use your Windows right out of the box. No need to install any drivers or anything. It’s that simple.

After the installation is finished, Parallels will ask you to create a free account. To save some time, you can log in with your Google account and you’re up and going.

And there you go, Windows on a Mac. Cool. The Windows desktop replicates Mac’s desktop to Windows and adds all the files on the Windows desktop too which is cool. I can access my documents easily without having to manually copy the contents from macOS to the simulated Windows.

Step 2: Install the Netflix app

Next up, we need to download the Netflix app on Windows, so, open the Windows Store, search for Netflix, click ‘Get’ and there you go. You can even install Netflix without signing in to a Microsoft account. Good job Microsoft.

Now, once you have the Netflix app, log in to the Netflix app with your credentials. One thing I noticed while I was setting up the Netflix account is the overall smoothness, I mean it’s unreal. It works even better than some Windows computers out there.

I tested this on the least powerful 2015, 128 GB MacBook Air. If this work on this MacBook, it’ll work on most Macs out there.

After logging in to Netflix, let’s go ahead and download something to test if it actually works. Not everything is available to download though, to find the shows, available for download, go to the ‘Available for Download’ section in the menu. If the title you want to download from Netflix isn’t available for download, then you got no other option than to capture the screen as you watch it.

Once you find the title you want to download from the available catalog and click the Download button to start the download.

You will then see a blue progress bar along the bottom of the app. Once the download finishes, it would show up in the download library of the Netflix app. You can find your downloaded shows by going to the menu and tapping My Downloads. Simply press play and start watching your videos.

The videos are downloaded in your Macbook storage, so make sure you have enough memory.

You can even play videos with the Internet off. You can try this by turning off the WiFi on your mac. I watched the entire episode on the Airplane mode to test the app and it worked just fine.

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The Netflix app retains all the features even though being simulated on a sandbox, including the smart downloads, which will automatically delete an episode once you’ve watched and downloaded the next one when you are connected to the Internet.

To enable the smart download or to download videos in higher video quality, go to the menu and scroll down to Downloads. Under Downloads, tap Video Quality and choose the quality that works for you.

It remembers how far along you’ve watched the episode and resumes even after you restart the Parallels’ session on the mac. It’s safe to say the method is pretty dope at this point.

Step 3: Download Geoblocked content

We have a fully functional Netflix app that stores all the downloaded files safely in the system. While I don’t have a shortage of titles, there are a few strays which are not available in my country. You can use a VPN to circumvent the geo-restrictions to access the content from around the world.

Turn on your VPN that supports Netflix unblock, (we recommend Nord VPN or Smart DNS Proxy VPN) and connect to a location where the content might not be blocked. I usually look for titles like The Office as it isn’t available in my country. Just search for the title and it should show up in the search results on the Netflix app.

If by any chance the app doesn’t pull up the titles, it could be because of the Cache issue. Restarting the Netflix app within the Windows won’t solve this problem, you would have to close the Parallels app on your mac and restart the sandbox.

After booting the Windows up, open the Netflix app again, try searching for the title again and it should pop in the results now.

Step 4: Play Netflix in 4K on a Mac

The party is still not over, there is one final thing. It can play Netflix 4k content on the Mac. Until now, you could only do this on Windows. We’re still playing the content on Windows but it’s on a Mac now. You would need a Macbook or a TV which supports 4K screen. Also, upgrade your Netflix account to the one which has 4K playback options.

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I tested this on a few Macs lying around including a MacBook Pro and an iMac, it works on every device. You can even watch 4K content on Edge browser but Safari and Chrome simply don’t play Netflix content in 4K so there’s that.

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Closing Words

This is how to download Netflix movies on Mac. I’ve been using the setup for the past three days and it works flawlessly. There aren’t any watermarks on the simulated Windows and the software doesn’t nag you to upgrade to premium. I’ll update the results if there are any updates with this method. As of now, I’ve to go and pack my bags.

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How To Download Netflix Movies On Mac For Offline Viewing

Want to watch the movies without an internet connection? Follow this article, and at the end of it, you will be able to do so. It is effortless and easy to watch the movies and shows of Netflix on your Mac or iPad even when you don’t have access to the internet in some instances. Many situations occur when you don’t have an internet connection on your device, for example, if you are on an air journey, on a car trip, or at places where there is a weak network connection. You can still watch movies and shows in the places mentioned above. In this article, we will tell you how to quickly access the movies and shows from Netflix on your Mac or iPad. These steps apply to all the macOS versions, and on all the iPad models provided, you have the latest version of the Netflix application.

As we all know, Netflix is one of the most extensively used video streaming services worldwide. Various shows and movies get uploaded on it daily. There are strong possibilities that it must contain almost all of your favorite shows and movies. But what if your internet provider is not offering a robust net connection or if the signals in your area remain weak most of the time? You can still watch your favorite movies and shows by taking the pain to download them just once. When they are downloaded, you can watch them on your Mac or iPad anytime and anywhere you want, irrespective of the internet connection or network signals. Below we have individually mentioned the steps to download the movies and shows on your iPad and Mac; you may follow the steps and download your desired content.

How to Download Movies from Netflix to iPad

Being a lightweight and having a long-lasting battery and a significant screen advantage, the iPad is a perfect device for watching movies and shows. To download movies and shows from Netflix to an iPad, you should first have a Netflix app on your device along with an active Netflix subscription on it. Not all movies or shows have a download option available, but most of them have. So, to download those movies and shows, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

To download a movie, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Netflix application on your iPad.
  2. Tap on the Movie, TV Show, or an entire season that you want to download. You can limit the search to movies only by tapping on the Movies option available in the menu bar.
  3. On selecting a particular movie, you will find a download arrow below the description of the movie, if no download arrow is visible, then the movie cannot be downloaded. Once the download starts, the download arrow will get replaced by a progress wheel and a status indicator that will give you real-time information about how much percentage of the movie has been downloaded.
  4. Once the download gets finished, you can access the downloaded movie from your “Downloads” section that you will find at the bottom of your screen.

To download a complete list of episodes of a show, you need to follow these steps:

  1. If you want to download all the episodes of a TV show, click on the show title, it will bring you to the page where you will find all the episodes of that particular show. You will have to tap on the download arrow that you will see next to the description of every episode to download them individually. However, if you use Smart Download, you will only have to download the first episode. The next episode will get downloaded automatically when you have finished watching the first episode and so on. The episode that you have finished watching will get deleted automatically, and the next episode, in continuation to it will get downloaded in place of it.
  2. Once the download of an episode is completed, you can click on the “Downloads” button at the bottom of your screen. Once you click on it, it will open the “My Downloads” screen from where you can access your downloaded content.
  3. To play the downloaded content, simply click on the Play arrow on the image of the content.
  4. If you are not using Smart Download and want to delete the downloaded content, simply click on the checkmark in the box next to the downloaded content. Once you click on it, you will be shown an option to delete it. Simply click on the “Delete Download” to remove the content from your iPad.

Can You Download Netflix Movies On Laptop

How to Download Movies from Netflix to a Mac

Currently, Netflix is not supporting the option of downloading and watching content offline on Mac. You can, however, access Netflix on a browser on a Mac but cannot download the content to a Mac from Netflix’s browser version. Yet there are still some legal options to view the already downloaded content on a Mac or download the content on a Mac.

How To Download Movies On My Mac From Netflix

  1. Boot Camp and Windows

There is no Netflix app for a Mac; however, Netflix offers an application for Windows systems. So, you can run Windows 10 on a Mac. It might seem strange to you, but it is possible. It can be done with the help of Boot Camp, that you get on you Mac. Using the Boot Camp facility, you can run Windows 10 on your Mac, download the Netflix app, and then use it to download your desired movies and shows. It is a fully legal procedure that can be followed on your Mac.

How To Download Movies On Netflix To Mac

  • Streaming from an iPad
How to download movies on mac netflix online

The Netflix application for the iPads supports AirPlay, with the help of which you can wirelessly stream multimedia content between the Apple devices. Using the AirPlay feature, you will be able to stream a Netflix show or a movie from your iPad to your Mac. The most significant advantage of this is that you will be able to watch the downloaded content on a larger screen. It is one of the best acceptable options for viewing the content, even if you cannot download it on your Mac.

Netflix App Settings

You can do custom settings for the Netflix app on your device. You will find the downloads set to Wi-Fi by default in the settings option, but you can change it to mobile data if required. You can also change the download quality of the videos from Standard to High for a larger screen, and you can also turn on and off the Smart Downloads, and the other options.

Netflix Download Movies Onto Mac

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