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Mac/Windows Software. Basecamp Windows Basecamp 4.6.2. New; Related Basecamp 4.6.2. Greg over 1 year ago. I am looking for a copy of the Basecamp 4.6.2 installer. Favorably form the Garmin website. Does anyone know where I can get it from? Thank You Very Much Greg.

UPDATE - see here for Instructions:https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/basecamp-4-7-0/

Sorry this is just a quick message - but because it's kinda important and may cause a lot of confusion - I send out this short newsletter.

Download Garmin Basecamp Windows 10

Garmin released a new version of Basecamp - 4.7.0 - in order to remove many features that were not in accordance with the GDPR regulation. Actually it's not that 4.6.2 is wrong here - it's that there were a few web services - that Garmin switched off - and those were interlinked into 4.6.2 - so that actually in 4.6.2 some functionality is not working anymore - I could on a quick check however not discover any actual difference otherwise in relation to the GDPR regulations - so 4.6.2 is no different in this regard to 4.7.0 - well and new privacy page/EULA of course).

Now the problem is - Basecamp 4.7.0 also ships an updated version of Garmin MapInstall - and that version is broken in so far that it does not send any maps in .img format anymore! This also applies to original garmin maps. I have some old Garmin Topo Austria and Garmin City Navigator map - that cannot be sent anymore. Also any of the garmin demo maps converted into .img format from gmapsupp.img do not transfer anymore.

If you are a Windows user and upgraded to 4.7.0 you have 3 choices:

a) Downgrade to Basecamp v 4.6.2: it can be found here: http://www.gawisp.com/perry/mapsource/

ATTENTION - you need to first deinstall Basecamp, then Install Basecamp 4.6.2. If you simply install 4.6.2 without deinstalling 4.7.0 Mapinstall is not correctly downgraded.

b) download the OSx (Mac) version of all openmtbmaps/velomaps in .gmap format. You can install them by placing them into the C:ProgramDataGARMINmapsmtbCOUNTRY.gmap respectively C:ProgramDataGARMINmapsveloCOUNTRY.gmap and better read the OSx tutorial too: https://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/install-maps-mac-osx/ respectively for Velomap users here: https://www.velomap.org/tutorials/install-maps-mac-osx/

c) do not send any .img format maps until Garmin releases a new version without this bug.


d) Use the plain old Garmin Mapsource for sending maps. Yes it still works if you know what to do - just note that it does not check any maps installed - so do not send maps twice. Also it cannot like MapInstall overcome the 4GB limit by splitting up maps that you are sending. Else of course it cannot correctly show the contourlines - but sending maps will work.

Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 Download Mac Download

Actually right now only a part of the overview map is sent - it would be nice if Garmin could send the overview maps in general too - as right now they are only used on Desktop. Would actually speed up the GPS devices a bit - especially if you have no activated Basemap on your device.

Besides this: I'm still working hard on improving the contourlines just another time, and fixing some bugs (e.g. in the Europe continent map right now in the north of Norway/Sweden some contourlines/DEM data is missing). Should not take long anymore. Expect a new release of the Europe map in the next 10 days (also worldwide all maps will come soon with even better DEM/contourlines).

Oh and of course I also updated my Privacy/Rules according to the GDPR rules now effective. Actually nothing changed except that I explained a bit better which data I gather (which was very easy to see/find out anyhow).

In effect I do not store (except temporary logs on my server) any data from users except the one I'm forced to store for invoice creation and making sure you can login to your account. (IP address, email, name, address) and yes I use google analytics in anonymized mode. Still due to great wisdom in actual IT knowledge of our chosen EU representatives and local governments the privacy rules have become long and tedious to read....

Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 Download Mac Version

If I could I would not store addresses at all - but well VATMOSS EU regulations force me to do so. So nearly all of the personal data I gather, I gather only because just of another super stupid EU regulation.