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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Original Soundtrack

Release DateApr 25, 2018
ComposersManaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata, Hajime Wakai, Takuro Yasuda, Riyu Tamura, Soshi Abe, Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch
ProductsThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

01. Main Theme
02. Opening
03. The Towers Rise
04. The Beast
05. Shiekah Tower
06. The Old Man Appears
07. Shrine Trial Start
08. Shrine
09. Battle (Shrine): Original Soundtrack Ver.
10. Highlands
11. Stationary Guardian Battle
12. The Temple of Time
13. The Last King of Hyrule
14. The Story of Calamity Ganon
15. A King’s Request
16. Enter Hyrule
17. Field (Day)
18. Battle (Field): Original Soundtrack Ver.
19. Shiekah Tower Activated
20. Riding (Day)
21. Talus Battle
22. Kakariko Village
23. Impa’s Theme
24. The 10,000 Year Old Legend
25. Hateno Village
26. Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
27. Reviving the Great Fairy
28. Great Fairy’s Fountain
29. Field (Night)
30. Kass’s Theme
31. Kass: Main Theme
32. Stables
33. Kass: 10,000 Year Old Legend
34. Riding (Night)
35. Blessing Shrine
36. Hinox Battle

Breath Of The Wild Shrine Map

01. Wetlands
02. The Crazy Flower Lady
03. Meeting Sidon
04. Sidon’s Theme
05. Zora’s Domain
06. The Divine Beast of the Lake
07. Link’s Memories: Mipha’s Touch
08. Vah Ruta Battle
09. Sidon’s Promise
10. Divine Beast Vah Ruta
11. Battle (Divine Beast)
12. Blight Ganon Appearance
13. Waterblight Ganon Battle
14. Heart Container Appearance
15. Reunion with Mipha
16. The Champions Power
17. The Divine Beast Aims
18. Mipha and Vah Ruta
19. Field (Snow)
20. Cave
21. The Divine Beast of the Sky
22. Rito Village
23. Link’s Memories: Revali’s Flap
24. Rito Flight Range
25. Meeting Teba
26. Flight Training
27. Vah Medoh Battle
28. Teba’s Encouragement
29. Divine Beast Vah Medoh
30. Windblight Ganon Battle
31. Reunion with Revali
32. Revali and Vah Medoh
33. House
34. Snowball Minigame
35. Sisters Chirping
36. Rito Sisters
37. Kass’s Theme (The Hero’s Theme ver.)
38. Rito Village (Kass and Five Sisters ver.)

01. Field (Volcano)
02. Death Mountain
03. Goron Humming
04. The Divine Beast of the Volcano
05. Goron City
06. Abandoned North Mine
07. Meeting Yunobo
08. Link’s Memories: Daruk’s Mettle
09. Vah Rudania Battle
10. Yunobo’s Opportunity
11. Divine Beast Vah Rudania
12. Fireblight Ganon Battle
13. Reunion with Daruk
14. Daruk and Vah Rudania
15. Field (Desert)
16. The Divine Beast of the Desert
17. Kara Kara Bazaar
18. Crossdressing
19. Gerudo Town
20. Meeting Riju
21. Yiga Hideout
22. Kohga’s Theme
23. Master Kohga Battle
24. Link’s Memories: Urbosa’s Hand
25. Observation Post
26. Vah Naboris Battle
27. Riju’s Trust
28. Divine Beast Vah Naboris
29. Thunderblight Ganon Battle
30. Reunion with Urbosa
31. Urbosa and Vah Naboris
32. Race Start
33. Race Minigame
34. Challenge Failed
35. New Record
36. Gerudo Race Award Ceremony
37. Goron Challenge Minigame
38. Molduga Battle

01. Ruins
02. Lost Woods
03. Korok Forest
04. Encounter with the Deku Tree
05. Master Sword
06. Memories: The Master Sword
07. Master Sword – Encounter with the Deku Tree
08. Hestu’s Dance!
09. Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
10. Naydra Possessed
11. The Dragons of Hyrule
12. Omen of the Blood Moon
13. The Blood Moon
14. Resurrecting Memory
15. Link’s Memories: Subdued Ceremony
16. Link’s Memories: Resolve and Grief
17. Link’s Memories: Blades of the Yiga
18. Link’s Memories: A Premonition
19. Link’s Memories: Silent Princess
20. Link’s Memories: Father and Daughter
21. Link’s Memories: Slumbering Power
22. Link’s Memories: To Mount Lanayru
23. Link’s Memories: Return of Calamity Ganon
24. Link’s Memories: Despair
25. All Twelve Memories
26. Link’s Memories: Zelda’s Awakening
27. Zelda’s Wish
28. Hyrule Castle Town Ruins
29. Guardian Battle
30. Ganon’s Roar
31. Hyrule Castle
32. Calamity Ganon Appears
33. The Divine Beasts Strike!
34. Calamity Ganon Battle – Phase 1
35. Calamity Ganon Battle – Phase 2
36. Dark Beast Ganon Appears
37. Dark Beast Ganon Battle
38. Do You Remember?
39. Staff Roll
40. Epilogue

01. Lurelin Village
02. Kilton
03. To Tarrey Town
04. Tarrey Town
05. Wedding at Tarrey Town
06. Wasteland
07. Horse Riding Minigame
08. Reviving Malanya
09. Malanya’s Fountain
10. Malanya’s Dance
11. Lord of Satori Mountain
12. Parasail Minigame
13. Get Item
14. Get Important Item
15. Get Key Item
16. Get Heart Container / Stamina Vessel
17. Strengthening the Shiekah Slate
18. Get Shiekah Slate Rune
19. Rest
20. Rest (Bed)
21. Rest (Luxury Bed)
22. Cooking Failure
23. Cooking
24. Cooking Success
25. Korok Trial Achievement
26. Korok Appearance
27. First Location
28. Dyeing
29. Bleaching
30. Repair
31. Construction Work
32. Mystery Solved
33. Game Over
34. Trial of the Sword Completed
35. Master Sword – Praise of the Deku Tree
36. Kass “Link’s Ballad”
37. The Monument’s Arise
38. Kass “The Champions’ Ballad” (1st Stage)
39. Monument
40. Champion Mipha’s Song
41. Kass “Mipha’s Ballad”
42. Kass “The Champions’ Ballad” (2nd Stage)
43. Champion Revali’s Song
44. Kass “Revali’s Ballad”
45. Kass “The Champions’ Ballad” (3rd Stage)
46. Champion Daruk’s Song
47. Kass “Daruk’s Ballad”
48. Kass “The Champions’ Ballad” (4th Stage)
49. Champion Urbosa’s Song
50. Kass “Urbosa’s Ballad”
51. Final Trial
52. Monk Maz Koshia Battle
53. The Forgotten Memory (The Champions’ Ballad)
54. Princess Zelda and the Champions
55. Ending of The Champions’ Ballad
56. Framed Picture
57. The Champions’ Ballad
58. 2014 E3 Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)
59. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)

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