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This video will show you how to save YouTube videos for offline watching. It's very convenient for people who has unstable internet connection. While many want to download YouTube videos, the only way to do so responsibly is on iOS and Android, by paying the $11.99 for YouTube Premium. Otherwise, you're violating YouTube. If you want to download a youtube video in mp3 or mp4, you’ll need to use Televzr Downloader. If you use Ummy, the buttons 'HD via Ummy' or 'MP3 via Ummy' will appear below the video. Once you’ve installed the youtube downloader app on mac or pc, you’ll see “Download” button below each video offering to save HD or mp3. However, if you download videos individually, you shouldn’t see automatically downloaded content. It also depends on when you last interacted with the playlist. If you’ve watched a video from a playlist in the last 30 days and a new video is added to that playlist, the new video will download automatically.

YouTube is the most reliable platform to find videos about anything.Whether it be Music, Technology, Drama, etc, it gives you the whole of it. Now, the question is how to download YouTube videos for free?While some people seek to download the videos, others don’t- For example, if you have a limited data plan, you may download YouTube videos with the help of a Wi-Fi and then watch it offline later.

Downloading YouTube videos sounds like a big deal, but it’s not. It’s super easy, and there are a lot of third-party tools that help to do so.

How Legal is it to Download YouTube Videos?

It is against YouTube ‘Terms of Services’ to download YouTube videos from third party applications. It directly points out the Copyright issues. YouTube provides its web services and applications to avoid downloading videos from third-party applications, which shall be discussed below.

Not only this, but we shall also discuss how to download YouTube videos on different devices i.e. Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac.

Download YouTube Videos on Windows

Installing 4K Video Downloader

To start downloading YouTube videos on Windows PC, launch and install ‘4K Video Downloader,’ which is a free software to use. It can download whole videos no matter how long and 3D videos as well. The steps to use this software are:

Download Videos For Offline Viewing

  1. Once the downloading of the software is done, tap on the ‘Launch’ box and click ‘Finish.’
  2. Go to the Web and open the video to be downloaded. Copy the URL of the video and return back to the software window. Tap on the ‘Paste Link’ button on the top of the screen to paste the URL.
  3. Next will appear the choice of quality. You have to choose from a list of quality formats for your video. The quality format also depends upon the quality of the original video which you’re downloading.
  4. Next, on the left-hand side, tap on the drop-down menu and choose a format for your video. MP4 is advised as it gives a good handle of the size and quality of the file. You may choose high-resolution quality, but it will take more time to load.

You can also choose the location where the file is to be saved by clicking on the ‘Browse’ option.

  • Once you’re done with opting for the format and quality of your video, click ‘Download.’ The video will start downloading. 4K Video Downloader can download up to 24 videos at a time, which saves a lot of time.

Once the downloading process is over, you can open your destination folder and play the video.

  • ‘Smart Mode’ of the software lets your preferences download automatically. To turn the smart-mode on, click the ‘Bulb’ icon on the right of the window when you paste the URL. The videos will get downloaded instantly.

YouTube Videos to Download on Android Device

Installing TubeMate

TubeMate is an Android application that is very easy to use to download videos in an Android device. Even though the software isn’t available on Google Play Store, you’ll have to allow your Android device to run and install the same from different applications downloaded from different devices.

To turn this setting on, go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘security.’ In the next window, turn the slider on for ‘Unknown Sources.’

The steps to download a YouTube Video on an Android are:

  1. Search for TubeMate YouTube Downloader on the web and open the verified site.
  2. Tap ‘Ok’ to download the application.
  3. Once the download is over, ‘Install’ the app and click ‘Open’ to run the application.
  4. A dialog box will appear showing the list of permissions that need to be run. If you agree with the same, move further to launch the app.
  5. Next, search for the video to be downloaded and tap the download button in red on the right side of the window.
  6. As soon as you tap the download button, you’ll see the format type for audio and video that shows the quality type. If you have a lot of free space available, you may download YouTube videos in high resolution.
  7. When you’re done with these settings, tap the download button once again and your videos will start downloading.

YouTube Videos to Download on iPhone

There are two different methods to download a YouTube Video on an iPhone and MacOS.

To download a video on iOS:

  • Install an application called ‘Documents.’
  • Open the file you want to download to your iPhone.
  • Click on the ‘Share’ icon from the video you want to download and copy the link for the same.
  • Open the ‘Documents’ app and click on the web browser icon on the right side of the window.
  • Go to ‘Savefrom.net’ and paste the link you copied earlier.
  • The quality options dialog box will appear. Choose the quality of the video according to your preference and start downloading.
  • Once the video gets downloaded, it will appear in the download section of the documents app. You can then save this file to your camera roll.

To download a video on macOS:

For downloading YouTube videos on macOS

  • Go to MacX YouTube Downloader.
  • Paste the link of the video you want to download.
  • Choose the quality of the video.
  • Start downloading.

Multiple videos can be downloaded at once, which saves time.

Downloading YouTube Videos with Premium

YouTube Premium provides you with additional options that do not require even third-party applications to download a video from YouTube. But the videos which you download with premium can only be watched on the same device, and you cannot move it or watch with a different player.

To download a video:

  1. Play the video you want to download.
  2. Click on the ‘Download’ button.
  3. Choose the quality of the video.
  4. Let it download. Once it’s done, the video will appear in your library.

If you want to watch a YouTube video when you are offline, you might be interested in learning how to download YouTube videos to your computer. Once you have downloaded the video, you no longer need the Internet to play and watch it on your computer. The methods here will help you do it.

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AnyTrans – YouTube Videos Downloader

This easy-to-use tool can help you download YouTube videos to computer freely. Try it NOW to save your favorite videos.

YouTube is one of the largest video hosting websites out there. With millions of videos available on it, you are never going to get bored using the platform on your devices. To enjoy all the videos, all you need is an Internet connection and a browser. In case you are traveling and you will not have access to the Internet, you can actually download the video for offline viewing on your computer.

There are methods on how to download YouTube videos to a PC and Mac. Using these methods, you can grab an offline copy of any of your videos and access it later when you do not have Internet connectivity.

The following are some of the tools that help you download YouTube videos.

Tool 1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader claims to have helped millions of people download YouTube videos on their computers. You can download the tool to your computer and use it to download any of your favorite videos on your machine.

Youtube Download Videos For Offline

The tool allows you to save the videos in high-quality and offers you to choose whatever quality you want for your videos. It also offers the option to transfer your videos to iTunes once they have been downloaded to your computer. This way, you do not need to manually add the files to iTunes, if you use this app for your media files management.

Download YouTube videos with ease using 4K Downloader

Not only does the app help you get videos from YouTube but it supports a number of other sites as well. This includes popular sites like Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Tumblr, and Flickr. It is a cross-platform app meaning it is available for all three major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tool 2. SaveFrom

SaveFrom is a web-based tool that allows you to download videos from many online video hosting sites including YouTube. It has been around for quite a long time and millions of people have used it to get their favorite YouTube videos as a local copy on their computers.

The tool is available as a web tool as well as browser extensions. The great thing about the web tool is that you only need to paste the URL of the video you want and it will download it for you. If you use a browser extension, then you get the download option directly on the YouTube website.

Download YouTube videos using URL from the SaveFrom

Another interesting feature you might be interested in is that you do not even need to visit the site to download a video. When you are on a video page and you want to download the video, simply add ss before the YouTube domain and your video will download. It is a short domain the tool uses to make it easier for you to download videos to your computers.

Downloading YouTube Videos with SaveFrom extension

Tool 3. Y2mate

Y2mate is both a YouTube downloader and a converter helping you convert the videos to various formats. With this tool in your arsenal, you are flexible in terms of file formats when you download a video. The tool lets you specify the format you would like for your video to be in.

One of the capabilities of the tool is to help you download the audio parts of your chosen YouTube video. That way, if you ever come across a video but you are only interested in the audio part, the tool can help you get the MP3 file of the video.

Like other tools, you can access it using a web browser on your computer. Once you are there, paste the URL of the video you want to download and you are all set. There is even an easier way to do the task wherein all you need to do is add the word pp after the YouTube domain and it will help download the video to your computer.

Use the Y2mate short domain to download videos


Tool 4. ClipConverter

ClipConverter markets itself as a YouTube to MP4 and MP3 converter. It is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any modern browser. When you visit the site, you are presented with a box to type your YouTube video’s URL. You can then choose a format for your file from multiple options available on your screen.

Download YouTube in MP4 and MP3 with ClipConverter

It supports many other platforms as well, including Vimeo and Facebook. The great thing about the tool is it lets you download your videos in both 4K as well as full-HD quality. You are going to have to wait for the conversion to finish when you download videos in a really good resolution but it is all worth it.

Tool 5. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is an installable tool that claims to be helping you download videos from over 10,000 sites for free. It helps you download videos from sites like YouTube in various formats that include MP4, MP3, AVI, 3GP, FLV, among many others.

It also comes with some of the predefined formats for your gadgets, such as Amazon Kindle Fire phones. For devices like these, it has preconfigured options so all you need to do is select your device and your video will be downloaded in the compatible format that plays on your device. You will not have any compatibility issues.

It is actually a flexible tool where you can customize pretty much all the options. You can download full playlists, choose the quality for your videos, and even configure download limits. This should help you if you have a limited data Internet package. It also supports proxy and parental controls so others cannot download inappropriate content.

Tool 6. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is an amazing app that allows you to download videos from a number of websites. All it requires you to do is enter the URL of the video you want to download and the app will get that downloaded on your computer for you. The supported video formats include MP4, M4V, MOV, WMV, RMVB, MKV, AVI, FLV, and RM. You can download your videos in the MP3, M4A, MP4B, WMA, and WAV formats.

Step 1. Download and launch the app. Click on the Media Downloader option.

Step 2. Either paste the URL of your YouTube video or search for your video. Then, press Enter on your keyboard.

Paste or search video

Step 3. Select the quality and format for your video and hit the download icon.

Step 4. The video will be downloaded to your computer. You will also have the option to transfer it to your mobile devices if you want.

It can do more than downloading YouTube videos, it also gives you full authority to transfer data from your iPhone to the computer.

Download Youtube Videos Watch Offline

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for ways on how to download YouTube videos to your computer, look no further than this guide as it shows several ways to download the videos to your computers. We hope the guide helps you get your favorite videos on your machine for offline viewing.

Download Youtube Videos Offline Use

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