Importing Images from an α camera to your Windows PC

PlayMemories Home enables you to import (save) the photos and videos you photographed to a computer easily.

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Note when you import directly from the memory card

Even when you import videos recorded by Sony-made cameras to your computer, it is required to connect the camera by USB connection for authenticate (first time only).

Free Download Windows Free Download Mac There are the main reasons behind to lost photos from a6500 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera. Due to harmful virus and malware attack. Deletion of photos by pressing delete all button. Pictures capturing while on low battery. By using a single SD card in the various camera. Misleading of camera. In this video I'm gonna show you how you can share/see images & videos from your sony a6000,a6300,a6500 or a6400 to any smartphone. IPhone or Android.

Turn on the computer. Insert the fully-charged battery into the camera and switch the camera power.

Connect the camera to the computer by using the supplied USB cable.

  • When connecting to the computer by using the supplied USB cable
  • When connecting to the computer by using the supplied multi/micro USB cable

When the below screen is displayed, click [Yes].

When the connection is made correctly, you will get a message saying [Mass Storage connected] on the LCD screen of the camera. You can not import into PlayMemories Home by MTP connection.

PlayMemories Home will start. The image import window will be displayed when you select [Import Media Files].

  • When you import images directly from the memory card, PlayMemories Home will start when you insert the memory card to the computer.


You can also open the importing screen from the main screen of PlayMemories Home. Select [Camera and media], then click [Import Media Files].

When you select [Select file to import], the photos and videos in the camera or the memory card are displayed. Check on the checkbox of the images you want to import.

Select destination folder to which the images are saved.

By default, the folder will be created in my picture based on the filming date to import file.

  • To select the drives on the drop down list, click .
  • To choose optional destination, select from [Browse...].
  • To display the present importing destination folder or the previous ones, click .
  • To change the import settings or the setting of image deletion, select [Settings] and open the setting screen.

A6500 Camera

Click [Import].

Import completed

The imported photos and videos are displayed in the PlayMemories Home window.

Download Pictures From Sony A6500 To Mac Pro


Sony Alpha A6500

The icon is attached to the photos and videos that have just been imported.