I recently got a Sony PX720 Digital Voice Recorder.but I use a Macbook Pro (mid level Penryn, bought right before the unibodies came out). As you probably read in the comments on that site, this recorder doesn't work with Mac or Linux. My computer won't recognize the device when I plug it in, in Finder or System Profiler. Even in Windows, the software needs to be installed before the recorder shows up. I have XP installed via BootCamp. I could easily log onto that, pull the files off, and place them onto my Mac partition with MacDrive, but I don't want to.

From everywhere, you cannot reply to use the stop mode. For those of your meetings, lectures and video. Press the first, Program FilesSony. The installation of the driver is completed successfully if the folder Sony Recorder Driver is created. Sony IC Recorder Best. The IC recorder does not turn on or pressing any button does not work. Saving and adding the recorded message - User can save the messages recorded by an IC recorder onto the computer. Sony supplies Digital Voice Editor Digital Voice Editor Version 3.3.01 which allows you to. This driver for Sony news in.

Here's the thing, you don't need generic drivers to get your voice recorder up and running. In fact most often generic drivers will only mess things up quite a bit. Apr 20, 2013 - I am trying to get recordings off of my ICD-P520 sony voice recorder, but. Which version of Windows/Mac are you using? Ok, unfortunately the recorder isn't compatible with Windows 7, nor is there a driver to make it work. I purchased a Sony Digital Voice Recorder, planning to use it as an additional audio source when i video weddings. I knew it did not come with software that was Mac friendly. It is a Sony ICDP520 and it does use USB.

CrossOver is also on my Mac, but the commenters say that won't work either (and I really don't want to virtualize it anyway). I'd like to know if there's a way to create a driver that could read this thing. Could I look into Sony's packaged software to find out how it's allowing access to the recorder? Could I somehow hack my own USB port (through software?) so I can mess with the device on a very basic level? At the very least, I want to be able to read this thing like a flash drive. If it's in a funky format, whatever.

I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I just want to get to the information on the recorder. Thanks for taking the time to read through. I'd love to find a solution to this. I appreciate your help!

+This is ridiculous. It's a USB device. Sony should make Mac drivers for this.+ If anyone should, Sony should.however. Seeing as Sony makes computers, perhaps they don't feel like making it easy for you to buy the competition.

And at the end of the day, I can support that.no law says they have to provide X when their equipment does the job with Y. Clear to me they've made a business decision as to how far their support will go outside their own ecosystem.

Been that way for quite some time and not expected to change soon. I've lost count of the number of times I've looked to Sony for a particular driver, etc. And come up dry. I lived and worked in Japan for a number of years and when I say 'looked to', I mean I went directly to Sony and pleaded in their language. Polite 'gomen (sorry) but no', each time.

I can name several other companies, foreign and domestic, that are either more open or more closed, so while it may tick someone off at the consumer level, it's not at all uncommon. Apple Footer.

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. Using the IC Recorder with Your Computer is located inside the battery compartment. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Toubleshooting Model No. ICD-P520 Serial No.

You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. If you have any questions about this product, you may call: Sony Customer Information Services Center 1-800-222-7669 or Declaration of Conformity Trade Name. Sony Corporation. IN NO EVENT SHALL SONY CORPORATION BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER BASED ON TORT, CONTRACT, OR OTHERWISE, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION. Table of Contents Index to Parts and Controls.6 Getting Started Step 1: Installing the Batteries.9 Replacing the batteries.10 Step 2: Setting the Clock.11 Basic Operations Recording Messages.13 Selecting the Folder.17 Starting Recording Automatically in Response to the Sound —. Editing Messages Dividing a Message.32 Moving Messages to a Different Folder — Move Function.33 Utilizing the Menu Function Selecting the Display Mode.35 Turning off the Beep Sound.36 Changing the Recording Mode.36 Playing Back All Messages in a Folder Continuously.37 Turning off the OPR Indicator (LED).37 Using the IC Recorder with. Index to Parts and Controls Main unit MIC (built-in microphone) (microphone) jack zXREC (record) /PAUSE –.(review/fast backward)/ + (cue/fast forward) (SELECT) Display window MENU/DISPLAY DIVIDE xSTOP Speaker.

There is a tactile dot beside the control to show the direction to turn up the volume. The button has a tactile dot.

Preventing Accidental Operation — HOLD function Slide the HOLD switch to “ON”. “HOLD” will flash three times, indicating that all the functions of the buttons are locked. When the HOLD function is activated during stop, all the display will be turned off after “HOLD”. Display window Remaining battery Folder indication indicator Recording mode Microphone sensitivity indication REC (recording) Alarm indicator indicator Repeat play indicator Selected message number EASY-S (Easy Search) indicator REC DATE (recorded date) indication Number of messages in a folder/Menu REMAIN indicator indication/Counter/ Remaining memory Remaining time.

Getting Started Step 1: Installing the Batteries Slide and lift the battery compartment lid. Insert two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries with correct polarity, and close the lid. Make sure to insert both of the batteries from their – ends. If the battery compartment lid is accidentally detached, attach it as illustrated.

Playback: Approx. (hr.: hours). Using Sony alkaline batteries LR03 (size AAA). When playing back through the internal speaker with the medium volume level The battery life may shorten depending on the operation of the unit.

Step 2: Setting the Clock MENU/DISPLAY  PLAY/STOP STOP  –   Clock setting display appears when you insert batteries for the first time, or when you replace the batteries with new ones. In this case, proceed from step 2. Display the clock setting display.

Set the time.  Press –   digits of the hour.  Press  PLAY/STOP. The minute digits will flash.  Set the minute.  Press  PLAY/STOP at the time signal.

The display will return to “SET DATE”. Basic Operations Recording Messages Display window Recording mode Current message number Counter display.

Remaining memory indicator. The display selected with the MENU/DISPLAY button appears. You can record up to 99 messages in each of the four folders (A, B, C, and D). Since a newly recorded message is automatically added behind the last recorded message, you can start. Start recording. Press zXREC/PAUSE. You do not need to keep pressing  REC/PAUSE while recording.

Speak to the built-in microphone. Stop recording.

 The unit stops at the beginning of the current recording. If you do not change the folder after you stop recording, the next time you record you will record in the same folder. Note on recording Noise may be recorded if an object, such as your finger, etc., accidentally rubs or scratches the unit during recording. Maximum recording time The maximum recording time of all the folders is as follows.

You can record messages for the maximum recording time in a single folder. Remaining memory indication During recording, the remaining memory indicator decreases one by one. The memory is nearly full. Flashing When the remaining time of recording reaches 5 minutes, the last one of the indication flashes. If the remaining recording time display mode is selected, the remaining recording time display will also flash when the remaining time reaches 1. Selecting the Folder Press MENU/DISPLAY for more than 1 second until “MODE” appears in the display window. Press –   + to select “FOLDER” and press  STOP.

Press – + to select   the folder you want and press . Selecting the Microphone Sensitivity Press MENU/DISPLAY for more than 1 second until “MODE” appears in the display window. Press –   “SENS” and press  Press –   “H (high sensitivity)” or “L (low sensitivity)” and press STOP. Various Recording Modes Adding a Recording Using an adding recording At a factory setting, you cannot add a recording not to erase the message by accidental operation. If you want to add a recording to a previously recorded message or add an overwrite recording, change the REC-OP setting in the procedures below. Adding a recording to a previously recorded message You can add a recording to the message being played back. When “ADD” is selected in the menu The added recording will be placed after the current message and counted as a part of the message.

While “ADD” or “OVER” flashes, press REC/PAUSE again.  The OPR indicator will light in red. An add or overwrite recording starts.

Sony Ic Recorder Driver Download


Press STOP to stop the recording.   Notes You cannot add or overwrite a recording if  the remaining memory is not long enough. Notes Make sure that the plugs are connected  securely. We recommend you make a trial recording  to check the connections and volume control. When connecting equipment other than  Sony’s, refer to the instruction manual of the equipment. Playback/Erasing Playing Back Messages  PLAY/STOP STOP  –. + When playing back a previously recorded message, start from Step 1.

When playing back a message you have just finished recording, start from Step 3. Select the folder. See “Selecting the Folder” on page 17. (headphone) jack OPR indicator (lights in green during playback).

Start playback.  Press  PLAY/STOP.

 Adjust the volume with the VOL control. After playing back one message, the unit stops at the beginning of the next message. When the continuous play function is set to “CONT ON” (page 37), the unit stops after playing all messages in a folder. Playing back a message repeatedly — Repeat Play  During playback, press for more than one second. “ “ will be displayed and the selected message will be played back repeatedly. To resume normal playback, press  PLAY/STOP again. To stop playback, press .

 When fast playback is done to the end of the last message, “END” flashes 5 times. (You cannot hear the playback sound.) If you keep – pressed while “END” is flashing, the messages are played back rapidly, and normal playback will start at the point you release the button.  Note “ALARM OFF (or ON)” will not appear and the alarm cannot be set if the clock has not been set or no message has been recorded in the selected folder.

Press  PLAY/STOP. “OFF” starts to flash.

Set the alarm sound. Press –   alarm sound either from “B-PLAY” (playing back the message after the alarm) or “B-ONLY” (alarm only). Press  PLAY/STOP.

Sony Icd P520 Windows 10


“ALARM ON” will be displayed. Press STOP to exit the menu mode. If more than one alarm time comes during  recording, only the first message will be played back. When the alarm time comes when the unit is  in the menu mode, alarm will sound and the menu mode will be canceled. If you erase the message you set the alarm to .

Erasing Messages MENU/DISPLAY  STOP You can erase the recorded messages one by one or all messages in a folder at a time. Note that once a recording has been erased, you cannot retrieve it. Erasing messages one by one When a message is erased, the remaining messages will advance and renumbered so that there will be no space between.

Press ERASE while the message is being played back. The message is erased and the remaining messages will be renumbered. (For example, if you erase Message 3, Message 4 will be renumbered as Message 3. When erasing is completed, the unit will stop at the beginning of the following message.) To cancel erasing. Editing Messages Dividing a Message You can divide a message during recording or playback, so that the message is divided into two and the new message number is added to the divided message. By dividing a message, you can easily find the point you want to play back when you make a long recording such as a meeting.

To play the divided message Press –   + to display the message number as the divided messages each have message numbers. To play the divided messages  continuously Select “ON” for CONT in the menu as described in “Playing Back All Messages in a Folder Continuously”. Press –   folder to which you want to move the message.

Press  PLAY/STOP. The message is moved in the destination folder. Press STOP to exit the menu  mode. To cancel moving the message(s) Press  STOP before step 5. Utilizing the Menu Function Selecting the Display Mode You can select the display mode for the stop, recording and playback modes. Each time you press MENU/DISPLAY, the display mode will change as shown below: On the current time display  If the unit is left unoperated for more than 3 seconds in the stop mode, the display will show the current time, regardless of the.

Sony Ic Recorder Icd-p520 Drivers For Mac Free

Turning off the Beep Sound BEEP ON: A beep will sound to indicate that operation has been accepted. BEEP OFF: No beep sound will be heard except for the alarm and timer. Press MENU/DISPLAY for more than 1 second until “MODE” appears in the display window. Playing Back All Messages in a Folder Continuously CONT ON: You can play back all messages in a folder continuously. CONT OFF: Playback stops at the end of each message. Press MENU/DISPLAY for more than 1 second until “MODE” appears in the display window. Using the IC Recorder with Your Computer Using the Supplied Digital Voice Editor Software What you can do using the Digital Voice Editor software The Digital Voice Editor software allows you to transfer the messages to your display monitor, to save them on your computer’s hard disk, and to play back and edit them.

Sony Icd P520 Driver Download

System requirements Your computer and system software must meet the following minimum requirements. IBM PC/AT or compatible  – CPU: 266 MHz Pentium® II processor or higher – RAM: 128 MB or more – Hard disk space: 70 MB or more depending on the size and number of sound files you store. Installing the software Install the Digital Voice Editor software in your computer’s hard disk.  Notes When you install the Digital Voice Editor,  you can create all the compatible file types except for the DVF (TRC) files. (You can play back the DVF (TRC) files.) When installing both types of the Digital Voice Editor, make sure to select overwrite.

Make sure that the IC recorder is not connected and then turn on your computer and start up Windows. Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. The installer starts up automatically and the welcome window appears. If the installer does not start up, double click DVE Setup.exe in the English folder. Voice Editor may become inoperable.

Uninstalling the software When you wish to uninstall the software, follow the steps below. Click Start and select Programs, Sony Digital Voice Editor 3 and then Uninstall.

The uninstaller starts up. Follow the displayed instructions. Connecting the IC recorder to your computer You can transfer the IC recorder data onto your computer by connecting the IC recorder to the computer. Use the USB connecting cable supplied with the IC recorder to connect the USB connectors of the IC recorder and your computer. Referring to the help files For details on each operation, refer to the help files. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before taking the unit for repair, check the following sections.

Should any problem persist after you have made these checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer. IC recorder Symptom Remedy The unit does not operate.    No sound comes from the . Symptom Recording level is unstable (when recording music, etc.). “-Y-M-D” or “-:-” is displayed. “-Y-M-D” or “-:-” is displayed on the REC DATE display.

You cannot divide a message. You cannot record messages up to the maximum recording time. Remedy This unit is designed to automatically adjust the recording level . Symptom Remedy The remaining time  displayed in the display window is shorter than that displayed in the supplied Digital Voice Editor software. The unit does not operate  correctly.

Please note that recorded messages may be erased during service or repair work. The unit requires a certain amount of memory for system operation. Digital Voice Editor Refer to the Help files of the Digital Voice Editor software, too. Symptom The Digital Voice Editor software cannot be installed. The IC recorder or “Memory Stick” cannot be properly connected. The IC recorder does not operate. Remedy The free disk or memory space on the computer is too small.

Symptom Remedy Messages cannot be  played back./Playback  sound volume is too low.    Saved message files  cannot be played back or edited. Counter or slider moves  incorrectly.

There is noise. Operation is slow when . Symptom The software ‘hangs’ when the Digital Voice Editor software starts up. Remedy Do not disconnect the connector of the IC recorder while the  computer is communicating with the IC recorder. Otherwise the computer operations become unstable or the data inside the IC recorder may be damaged.

Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner. If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Backup recommendations To avoid potential risk of data loss caused by accidental operation. Specifications IC recorder section Recording media Built-in flash memory 256 MB, Monaural recording Actual usable capacity may be smaller. Recording time HQ: 29 hours 45 minutes SP: 79 hours 20 minutes LP: 130 hours 25 minutes Freqency range HQ: 260 Hz - 6,800 Hz SP/LP: 220 Hz - 3,400 Hz General Speaker.  are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

“Memory Stick PRO Duo” and  are trademarks of Sony Corporation. “MagicGate Memory Stick” is the trademark of Sony  Corporation. “LPEC” and are registered trademarks of Sony  Corporation. US and foreign patents licensed from Dolby . Printed on 70% or more recycled paper using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink. Printed in China.

Sony does not in any way support the use of the IC series on any Mac hardware. All of the IC units are hard coded to work on PC and there are no Sony drivers available for your unit. The only thing I can suggest would be to record the playback from your recorder into a program like audacity audacity.sourceforge.net Either that or use Parallels or Boot Camp, and export the audio to the mac in a Wav or MP3 format. To use Boot Camp, you need the Boot Camp Assistant, which is located in Applications > Utilities.

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