Back in the 90s Sierra released hit after hit and Caesar 3 was one of their hits. Originally released in the late 90s this was part of their series of games that were all about city building. This is a genre I have been a fan of since my old man picked up a copy of Sim City back in the day. This is a great city building game and one that does not get the attention it deserves if you ask me.

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Hail Caesar!

The game as you have probably guessed already is set in ancient Rome. I love this time period and while more modern games have done it better. Caesar 3 manages to capture this time period really well. You have all the things you would expect from large Roman cities, the coliseum and angry barbarians to go to war with. The “story” of the game sees you trying to become the next Caesar as you build a wonderful and prosperous city.

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Hot For 98

The visuals of the game may not exactly look amazing by today's standards, but Sierra was known for making good looking games. I like the isometric viewpoint as I feel it gives you a great view of the city and from this viewpoint, the different locations, buildings, and people do look fairly detailed. I do wish you could move the camera around more freely, but perhaps if we could do that the visuals may not hold up as well?

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The sound design for the game is great. For a game from 1998, Caesar 3 has some pretty damn good voice acting. It can get a bit repetitive after a while, but at least the quality on offer is good. It has a very fitting soundtrack and some of the tracks, especially the battle music is pretty awesome.

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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

If you have played a city building game before then you know what to expect here. You can play the game in a couple of ways. The main way has you doing various missions and building this great city pretty much from scratch. While you need to have a good infostructure so that money is coming in and your people are happy. You also have to watch out for invaders and disasters as well. It is a delicate balancing act and one that is pretty darn tough.You can also play the game without the confines of a story or anything like that. I actually preferred this mode. While it may not be as “epic” I liked how you had freer reign to build the kind of city you want and this is the mode I can see people spending most of their time with.

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While there have been a ton of city building games released over the last 30 years. I really do think that if I were to do a top 20, maybe even a top 10 that Caesar 3 would feature on this list. It is a very well-made game and one that is a lot of fun. It captures the feeling of ancient Rome very well and it is a game that is super easy for me to recommend to you guys.


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  • Has a real “ancient Rome” feel to it
  • I liked how the game looked
  • You have lots of ways you can build your city
  • Two ways to play the game
  • It features impressive voice acting for the time


  • It might be a tad basic compared to modern city building games
  • While the voice acting is good, some lines do repeat more than others
Overall rating: 9

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Download Caesar III for free here. It's the game were you're to build Rome from scratch.

Caesar III is a simulation game, where you as a player has to place the right buildings on free spots to construct a city. These buildings come alive and the city begins to evolve. As the city grows you'll experience new problems that have to be solved. As the player in Caesar III you'll be presented to goals, missions and tasks that have to be completed to create the perfect ancient city - Rome!

Download Caesar III

Check out Caesar III on video:

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